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Worcester’s Top 17 Food and Restaurant Stories of 2017

In 2017, Worcester’s restaurant scene welcomed a number of newcomers to the table in our proverbial dining room, which continues to grow at a rapid rate. Ramen bowls, butcher blocks, Szechuan sandwiches, and wine wars all found their welcome here. Still, a few of our biggest breaks bid so long (and in one case, good riddance) to members of the culinary community. Here are the top 17 Mass Foodies stories of 2017.

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Sonoma Restaurant of Princeton is Replacing Ceres Bistro in Worcester

According to Barbara Houle, Sonoma Restaurant of Princeton will relocate to Worcester this fall, taking over the dining space at The Beechwood Hotel (currently Ceres Bistro.) This is a big win for the city of Worcester, given Sonoma’s endless list of accolades, although the ambitious transition does mean that chef/owner Bill Brady will need to…

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Fine Dining: Ceres Bistro

Every city has its staple Italian restaurant, Middle Eastern, steakhouse, casual, family-style, and fine dining spot. In Worcester, it is fitting that the only four diamond hotel is also home to one of the most elegant dining experiences without the snobbery: Ceres Bistro. Located across the street from UMass University Campus, the Beechwood Hotel and…