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October’s Recap Map: Weighing Worcester’s Victories and Losses

Lock 50, in Worcester, offer igloos to extend patio dining throughout winter.

Changes, Closings, and Losses

Bull Mansion is recognizing its own strengths by focusing on their future as an event space rather than a full-service restaurant.

Kummerspeck “made the best of the wurst.” Upon announcing their closure, Matt Mahoney and Rachel Coit sat down with Jim Eber of Mass Foodies to provide some insight about managing the cost of operations.

On October 13th, Wildwood Mushrooms suffered an electronic/power supply fire that triggered the facility’s sprinkler system. The board of health required Wildwood’s full inventory to be disposed of.

Returns, Gains, and Victories

Chef Cornelius Rogers has returned to the kitchen, teaming up with Romaine’s and Smokestack Urban Barbecue.

Owner of Lettuce Be Local Lynn Cheney wants to help you gain access to the region’s top farms from the comfort of your own kitchen by way of her Learn to Cook CSA.

Lock 50 has officially extended Worcester’s patio season through the winter with the addition of heated igloos.

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Chef Rogers Returns to Kitchen of Romaine’s and Smokestack Urban Barbecue

Chef Neil Rogers during a Mass Foodies Test Kitchen Event (Mike Hendrickson)

Chef Cornelius Rogers announced yesterday that he’ll be re-joining the team at Romaine’s and Smokestack Urban Barbecue. He’ll be moving on from his position of Kitchen Operations Manager at Worcester Regional Food Hub, a job he accepted in March of 2017.

Returning to his roots, Rogers first worked with Richard Romaine and his team nearly twenty years ago as a Sous Chef. In today’s position, Rogers will focus on creating and executing pastries, charcuterie, butchering, and supporting the rest of the team in their daily responsibilities. On Facebook, Roger added, “I really missed cooking in my time at the hub, and felt like it was time to remedy that. I did pick up a side gig for a bit making pizza with Nate from Treehouse, which in and of itself was a once in a lifetime experience. Now it’s time to get back to what I’m good at: Making people happy with food and having a blast while doing it.”

In 2015, Chef Rogers was executive chef at Niche Hospitality’s  The Test Kitchen in Worcester, where he explored the collaborative “think tank” possibilities the space offered by working with other chefs at Niche’s eight restaurants.

Mass Foodies looks forward to seeing Rogers back where he thrives and drives.