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Kummerspeck Has Closed, Planning One Last Hurrah for the Weekend of October 26

Kummerspeck on Water Street in Worcester, MA

Meatless Monday takes on a whole new meaning today and no one in this city is better for it. Matt Mahoney and Rachel Coit, the uber-talented couple behind Kummerspeck – one of Worcester’s most acclaimed new restaurants and butcher counters – have announced they will close immediately until Friday, October 26, when they will reopen to give their diehard fans one last weekend to remember them by.

Kummerspeck's Matt Mahoney and Rachel Coit.
Kummerspeck’s Matt Mahoney and Rachel Coit.

“We’re going to take a week or so, give the place a deep-clean, prep an awesome Kummerspecky menu, and then open up that Friday through Sunday and go out with a bang,” says Mahoney. One final return of the recent smash Fried Chicken Monday isn’t out of the question for Monday October 29, but will probably be a decision made that weekend, Mahoney adds, as will be any sale of the incredible aged beef and other products Kummerspeck has developed a cult following for.

For a couple who named their restaurant “grief bacon” in German, Mahoney and Coit hate to send their loyal customers into the five stages of grief (denial anyone?) without more bacon and beyond to offset it. But at least they will give us one last shot to savor the food that led to several awards and mentions on best-of lists in its short time on the Worcester dining scene. This may get fans through the bargaining stage.

And for those of us struggling to get to acceptance, the final stage of grief, Mahoney and Coit promise to share the story behind their decision in a feature article coming soon.