Meet the Only Woman Worcester’s Top Chefs Trust With Their Beef, Farmer Joan Walker

You’ve probably enjoyed the results of Joan Walker’s love and labor at Armsby Abbey, deadhorse hill, or the International’s Fireplace Room. Walker Farm’s reputation is steadfast among local foodies for producing the highest quality meat in the region. Unlike most farms that raise their cattle to be one and a half to two years old, Joanie raises her cows until they are at their full weight and at least three years old.

Start Cooking at Home with Lettuce Be Local

Sarah went live with Lynn Cheney for the first Lettuce Be Local drop off at deadhorse hill. Cheney has put a unique spin on the traditional CSA model in hopes of helping more farmers get their goods into the people of Worcester’s hands and kitchens.

110 Grill Opens Its Worcester Location

110 Grill opened their on Tuesday, May 22nd as they officially welcome the 14th restaurant to open under their brand. Downtown Worcester hasn’t seen this style of restaurant in years.

Deadhorse hill Hosts Massachusetts’ First Hemp Dinner

Last night, deadhorse hill teamed up with Luce Farm to host Massachusetts’ inaugural hemp dinner. Luce Farm grows Cannabidiol (CBD) in the beautiful hills of Stockbridge, Vermont. For reference: CBD is a non-psychoactive compound in the cannabis plant with a variety of health benefits used to treat everything from anxiety to Lyme Disease. It is legal in all 50 states.

Wine Director Cassandra Carruth Wants You to Find Your Niche

With so many concepts in close proximity, it is important for Niche Hospitality Group to track guest information, including everything from their seating preferences to their favorite glassware. Wine Director Cassandra Carruth praises the Reserve system as a means for Niche’s continued sense of familiarity with its visitors as well as its handle on outstanding hospitality, factors which remain undeterred by the restaurant group’s constant expansion.

Live on Stage at Worcester’s Best Chef

The 11th annual Worcester’s Best Chef competition took place at Mechanics Hall on Sunday evening, drawing enormous crowds to sample dishes from 20 local restaurants and three local high schools.

Live from Saturday Staff Meal at deadhorse hill

“Staff Meal” at deadhorse hill proved an opportunity for owners Jared Forman and Sean Woods to discuss the impact of technology on restaurant efficiency with their staff, citing the benefits of their Reserve system.