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Broth: Worcester’s First Bar Dedicated to Ramen Opens On Green Street

French Onion Ramen from Broth, on Green Street in Worcester, MA

With the success of The Hangover Pub – a bacon-infused restaurant adding a little crispy pork to everything from cocktails to dessert – Chef Michael Arrastia and partner, Jay Grey, bring the first ramen bar to Worcester. Opening today, Broth by The Hangover Pub is destined to bring a little Japanese culture to Green Street.

Thanksgiving Ramen from Broth, on Green Street in Worcester, MA
Thanksgiving Ramen from Broth, on Green Street in Worcester, MA (Submitted Photo)

“When we visited Momofuku earlier this year, we knew right away that Worcester needed its own ramen bar,” said Grey. Momofuku, owned by Chef David Chang – a favorite of Chef Arrastia – has gained worldwide recognition for their innovative cuisine and with Hangover Pub boosting creative cuisine in Worcester, it was a natural choice to explore the world inspired by Chef Chang.

Located in the same building as the Hangover Pub, Broth looks to give its customers a closer look behind the kitchen. “We want to give our customers an inside look into who we are and what we are about. We want everyone to feel like they are coming to hang out with us in a great environment,” said Arrastia. With an open dining concept, ramen lovers will be able to watch Chef Arrastia create their bowls firsthand as the bar and kitchen will be a combination centerpiece of Broth. “Everyone will be able to see me create their bowls from scratch and watch our bartender, Nick, craft their cocktails,” said Arrastia. “There is nothing like it in Worcester.”

Infusing an American twist to the traditional Japanese ramen dish, Broth by The Hangover Pub will offer flavors like chicken pot pie, French onion, and Thanksgiving – a ramen dish filled to the brim with Thanksgiving classics like turkey and cranberries. “We want the ramen bowls to reflect our New England flavors and the crowd has spoken about their appreciation of our concept as we’ve slowly offered a ramen dish or two at Hangover Pub for awhile now and they remain a house favorite,” said Arrastia.

Broth by The Hangover Pub is setting their sights on becoming another creative culinary treat for the foodies of Worcester. With an interior decor showcasing Marvel comic book characters – customized by the comic book illustrator himself, Mark McKenna – the personalities and energy of Arrastia and Grey can be seen in every aspect of their new venture.