Known for its baked beans, creampies, and clam chowdah (yes, chowdah – not chowder,) Boston is a place of no-nonsense eating. Sticking to its traditional values and food groups, Boston is all about its history, its baseball franks and its hearty meals. That is why, it’s no surprise that hidden behind the name Boston Burger Company there is a tradition of sweet, satisfying, over-the-top frappes. If you’re not from Boston, then the term “frappe” is just as confusing as “chowdah” but not to worry, at the Boston Burger Company in Cambridge, MA, you can have it all.

A milkshake is New England is only shaken milk and syrup, not to be confused with a frappe which is a mixture of ice cream, milk, and syrup (in Boston, words have different meanings.) To compensate for the confusion and the battle between frappe vs. milkshake, Boston Burger Company takes it a step further with their #freakfrappes – a combination of ice cream, milk, and syrup, topped with sweets like an actual layer of strawberry shortcake or a horizontal graham cracker smothered in marshmallows and melted chocolate. Each frappe is presented in a tall sexy glass and every part of the glass is used as part of the #freakfrappe. No space is overlooked. The S’more Than You Can Handle #freakfrappe is a frozen hot chocolate frappe with a graham cracker rim (crumbled graham crackers sprinkled onto the rim of the glass), chocolate syrup, and topped with a wicked (a.k.a “great”) big s’more.

Visually, the #freakfrappes are a play on adult nostalgia. It is a calling to our childhoods, when all we wanted to do was mix all our favorite sweets into one great big bowl of ice cream. M&Ms, Oreos, Nutella (a cult classic), peanut butter, and melted chocolate are only but a few of the options offered at Boston Burger Company and they are the essential components of any good frappe.

Of course, the Boston Burger Company serves their famous burgers like the Hot Mess, featured on the Rachel Ray Show, a burger with bacon, sweet potato fries, homemade thousand island dressing, diced pickles, jalapeño, red onion, lettuce, and American cheese – but honestly, who cares about the delicious burgers and fries when you can sustain yourself with a #freakfrappe? Oh, and since it’s #SundayFunday, ask for a Boozy Frappe – you’ll thank us later.