This year, The Fix Burger Bar celebrated its one-year anniversary on Grove Street by issuing a Burger-a-Day Card. During the month of August, 300 memberships were released to guarantee each card carrying member a burger with fries or a salad bar meal, every day for a year. The cost of each card was $229 with an estimated value of $5,4115.

Whether you were lucky enough to land one of these golden tickets or not, chances are, you will find your way to The Fix for a burger before another anniversary has come and gone. Burgers range in toppings and proteins, making them prime for pairing while you watch the game or enjoy dinner with family. The Fix is a crowd pleaser.

Might we suggest The Crunchy Burger? A grass-fed grind served with fried prosciutto, parmesan crisp, potato chips, mustard pickles, lettuce, and garlic mayo on a sesame seed bun.

Here, we match strength with strength. A Belgian Strong Pale with pronounced malt character and slight bitterness cuts through our rich burger to refresh the palate with each and every sip. A terrific example of this style is Duvel – a strong golden ale with a powerful abv of 8.5%, which lends a bit of weight to the brew, coupled with a delightfully silky mouthfeel. “Duvel,” Dutch for “devil,” is aptly named, referencing the beer’s ability to lure in thirsty patrons before striking them down with a hefty and undetectable alcohol content.

Duvel is pure, delicate, and effervescent like a dry champagne. Its delicate aromas suggest pepper and spice to revive the senses when paired with a robust undertaking, like The Crunchy Burger. Duvel’s sweet essence of orange peel and warming spices embrace the finesse of our aged Parmigiano topping.

Like most beer lists these days, The Fix’s inventory is constantly in rotation. If Duvel isn’t in stock, I recommend a Belgian Style Pale like Ommegang Rare Vos or a Tripel such as La Fin Du Monde. As for your burger selection; don’t shy away from sunnyside eggs, blue cheese or fried pickles. This is your chance to go all-in and get your fix.