Tipsy Goat Pie from Corner Grille in Worcester, MA

The Corner Grille has been around for years in Worcester and has been well known for its distinct thin crust pizza. If you are looking for a deep dish heavy pizza you would be best served going elsewhere or ordering something different like their fantastic wraps, salads, or prepared meals. If you appreciate a good thin crust pizza than Corner Grille will excite your palate. Corner Grille offers a fun casual atmosphere and serves up a great take out business. I always prefer to eat in at Corner Grille as the thin crust pizza in my opinion is best consumed straight from the oven.

After a quick look at the menu I decided to order The Tipsy Goat. The Tipsy Goat is a thin crust pizza with a leek sauce serving as its sauce instead of a red or white sauce. Topped with chicken, goat cheese, arugula, and prosciutto the TG has many of my favorite ingredients paired and balanced so that all they complimented each other and none overpowered the combination. The Corner Grille takes thin crust pizza to a whole new level, the pizzas are so thin that I have even heard the crust described as cracker like. The best description of the crust for me would be a large matza cracker like crust topped with perfectly paired toppings. Other pizza’s worth mentioning are the harvest moon pie and the chicken ceasar salad pie.

Corner Grille is the perfect combination of thin crust pizza’s, wraps, salads and desserts served in a friendly comfortable neighborhood setting. Every neighborhood should have a fun, comfortable, delicious place like the Corner Grille.
If you haven’t been the Corner Grille, their food, and the fun hip staff are definately worth visiting when your in the area.