Chicken Curry Pie from Corner Grille on Pleasant Street in Worcester, MA

As their website says “Not your average pizza pie,” Corner Grille makes pizza’s that you won’t find at your average pizza shop. While I love pizza I always have to be careful due to a dairy intolerance. But at Corner Grille those worries go away as their selection of pizzas (or as they call them “pies”) allow me to enjoy the night out with my friends. While it appears to be a smaller eat in place I was amazed to see how many people they could fit comfortably. While the menu also includes wraps, salads, mac and cheese, and soups it’s the pizza that draws the crowds in. There are over 15 plus pizza variations or you could make your own. In the end I decided to go with the Chicken Curry Pie. This pie had a mild red curry sauce as the base layer versus the traditional red tomato sauce. Topping the curry sauce were red onions, green peppers, chicken, small amount of cheese, pineapple and diced jalapeños . Overall, I enjoyed the pie as it was a little spicey but not overwhelming and a little sweet – bringing a good balance in taste. What makes the pies unique is the very thin crust allowing you to eat more than a few pieces without feeling full. I did have the opportunity to try two other pies – Chicken Caesar Salad Pie and Harvest Moon Pie. Yes you heard correctly, chicken caesar pie and it tastes just like you imagine a caesar salad would taste! I admit my favorite for this time of the year was the Harvest Moon Pie – how can you go wrong with brown sugar, roasted butternut squashm caramelized onions, sausage, toasted pumpkin seeds and a brown butter drizzle. Can you say double yum! All three pies even tasted great the next day bother heated and cold!

It’s BYOB so be sure to bring your choice of beverage to enjoy with the yummy pizza. I know I will be going back soon to try another pizza!