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A Complete Listing of the 65 New Food Establishments Licensed for Operation in Worcester During 2018

The building permit for Crust's expansion as North Main Provisions.

If you want to get technical about it, 2018 brought 65 new food establishments to the city of Worcester. It is important to build some context around this figure. The number is based on 49 new Common Victualer (Food) Licenses awarded this year in addition to 16 new Liquor Licenses. Licensing is only the first step in actualizing an opening. As such, this list serves as a basic preview for what is to come in 2019.

The index includes some familiar entities, like Paris Cafe (now Worcester’s Doughnuts and Drafts), The Hangover Corp (the new parent of Broth and The Hangover Pub), Worcester Baking LLC (North Main Provisions), and Meze (in a new location at 166 Shrewsbury Street). It also lists a few highly anticipated newcomers like Redemption Rock Brewery and Stillman Quality Meats. Juggernauts like Subway and 7 Eleven appear here as well.

2018 Liquor Licenses:

Sanchez & Sons 387 Cambridge Street, Worcester, MA (formerly La Raza)
Matthew Addi LLC 64 Water Street Worcester, MA
Mercado Garcia Enteprises 65 James Street Worcester, MA
Paris Café LLC 255 Main Street
R&D Group LLC 70 James Street Worcester, MA
Worcester Baking LLC 122 Main Street Worcester, MA
The Hangover Corp 102 Green Street Worcester, MA
Petrogas New England 350 Greenwood Street Worcester, MA
Apollonia Restaurant 6 Mercantile Street Worcester, MA
The Axe & Ale House 177 Grafton Street Worcester, MA
Jeet Investment 504 Cambridge Street Worcester, MA
KKAP LLC 244 Main Street Worcester, MA
Baystate Café 175 Harding Street Worcester, MA
Meze LLC 166 Shrewsbury Street Worcester, MA
Rock Bar LLC 81 Water Street Worcester, MA

As reported by Mass Live

Redemption Rock Brewery 333 Shrewsbury Street Worcester, MA

2018 Common Vic (Food) Licenses:

Coffee Time Café 340 Main Street
C&N Vietnamese Cuisine 10 Millbury Street
7 Eleven 973 Main Street
La Pizzaira & More 153 Stafford Street
The Lara No Name Grocery 270 Grafton Street
Golden Tandoori 7 Lamartine Street
Rozmaraino 490 Lincoln Street
Gold Coast Catering 82 Blackstone River Road
Rebeca’s 264 Grafton Street
Debbie’s 48 Coral Street
Debbie’s Pizzeria 974A Main Street
One Fastway Inc 84 W. Boylston Street
City Liner Diner 1420 Main Street
Subway 281 Shrewsbury Street
New Golden Pizza 1137 Grafton Street
Caribbean Flaavor 976A Main Street
Pomodoro’s Pizza 168 Lincoln Street
Millbury Seafood LLC 276 Millbury Street
Crown Fried Chicken 819 Main Street
Go Grande Inc. 1168 Main Street
Subway 545 Southwest Cutoff
Danco African Market 785 Main Street
Holy Poke 2 Oliver Street
North Main Provisions 122 Main Street
Palace Pizza 1032 Southbridge Street
Denny’s 494 Lincoln Street
Golden Pizza 453 Lincoln Street
Adom Market 1073A Main Street
Auntie Anne at WPI 100 Institute Road
Fratelli’s Corner Crust Pizzeria 186 Stafford street
Dunkin Donuts 640 Park Avenue
Hong Kong Island 880 W. Boylston Street
Joyas Grille 120 June Street (Formerly Dianna’s)
El Nuevo Amanecer 534 Pleasant Street
KrafTea Kombucha Company 38 Harlow Street
Stillman Quality Meats 157 Harding Street
7-Eleven 350 Greenwood Street
La Reyna Express 90 Madison Street
Bedlam Book Café 138 Green Street
Victoria Evergreen Kitchen 336 Grafton Street
Long Island Hot Dog 68 Stafford Street
Neo Era 275 Park Avenue (Formerly Sandwich Hut)
Dos Tacos 296 Pleasant Street
Crown Bakery 1393 Grafton Street
Hot Table 49 Park Avenue
Fantastic Pizza 910A Main Street
Centro America Mini Mart 891A Main Street
Kisoro 482 Park Avenue
Idy’s Pizzeria 153 Stafford Street
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A Nose-to-Tail Butcher Shop is Opening in the Canal District In Time for Thanksgiving

Stillman Quality Meats is set to open in the Canal District next week, whether Kate Stillman likes it or not.

“I actually kept saying, oh, we’ll be fine; I just don’t want this to open up at Thanksgiving. But, you know what? It’s going to collide – full on rocket ship,” she told Mass Foodies last week at Stillman Quality Meats’ processing facility in Hardwick, Massachusetts.

Kate Stillman’s new butcher shop will open in the Canal District in time for Thanksgiving.

The retail store is located at 157 Harding Street, adjacent to Page Boy and The Queen’s Cups. Opening hours will span Tuesdays to Sundays from 10:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

“We had discussed a couple of different locations, but it was Renee [King] at the Queen’s Cups who talked me into that spot,” Stillman explained. In addition to farm-raised meats, the shop will feature artisan cheeses, provisions, and fish from Red’s Best – an organization dedicated to reducing the distance between consumers and local fishermen.

The shop will also carry Rose 32 products, “And not in a small way,” Stillman adds, referring to Hardwick’s notoriously popular bakery, operated by Glenn and Cindy Mitchell.

Stillman has worked the Boston farmers market circuit for over 25 years, a remarkable feat considering she’s only 37. When she signed a contract with the Boston Public Market a few years back, it seemed like a no-brainer. She ramped up production at the farm and fearlessly forged ahead. The Market required attention 7 days a week, most days, from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m., and that’s not counting the 80 mile drive either way.

“I guess, ultimately we decided, I’m a single mom with two young kids. One day, I realized my quality of life had completely been diminished. The kids began to think that the dinner table was naked without a computer on it,” she said. In addition to the impact on her family, she also felt a rift in the sense of community she desired in her work.

“We knew Boston wasn’t sustainable for our model of business. I’m very hands on. I want to get to know all of my customers because we produce this really awesome product,” Stillman shared.

Everybody kept asking her the same thing: Have you looked at Worcester?

“I just never did,” she admitted, explaining, “I was working, driving to Boston every day, and the most I saw of Worcester was from the Pike.”

Finally, in April, she took a detour to the Canal District. “It’s funny, the minute I parked and started walking around, I just had a feeling – one of those vibes,” Stillman recalled. She made the decision to focus her retail efforts in Worcester within 24 hours of her visit.

Stillman knew her employees would appreciate the move. She explained, “I had pretty much traumatized my entire crew making them drive 80 miles into the city of Boston every day and taking an hour to park.”

(She estimates that she has bribed nearly every parking attendant in the city of Boston with packages of bacon and fresh tomatoes.)

The Worcester shop will allow her to flex her culinary muscles. “We had a very narrow lane that we were required to stay in at the Boston Public Market. I found it too restrictive,” Stillman said.

After five years building up the Hardwick processing facility, she had worked out an awesome chorizo recipe and a unique charcuterie program. She knew it was time to harness the full potential of Stillman Quality Meats; it was time to come to Worcester.