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Feeling Beautiful with NKD & Unity Mike Hendrickson

Pop It is on site at NKD Lashes, Waxing, and Makeup with estheticians Kristie-Lee Laskes and Crystal Whittemore. Per usual, we are joined by photographer Unity Mike Hendrickson, but this time he’s not behind the camera. We’re talking event logistics, wedding days, and the means by which a professional image can lead to women’s empowerment. NKD and Mike want to party with you like it’s 1999 at their 90’s Prom on May 4th to benefit Dress for Success. Find out why Kate Middleton isn’t really a princess. Plus, our introduction to NKD’s Game of Thrones-level microdermabrasion service. At Pop It, we believe that you are only as beautiful as you feel. Be confident and be you! This weeks photos by Roland Silva.

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Millbury Hits it Big with Rocco’s Doughnut Company

Doughnuts from Rocco's in Millbury, MA

If Blackbird Doughnuts and Union Square Donuts had a love affair, Rocco’s Doughnut Company would be the lovechild. A delicate balance between airy and dense, the doughnut lab in Rocco’s kitchen is comprised of a creative doughnut product line meant to convert any person into a doughnut crazed fanatic. From sprinkled fruity pebbles to silky, sinful cinnamon roll flavored doughnuts, Rocco’s has quickly gained a loyal foodie following despite dawn forming, long winding lines.

Rocco's Doughnut Company in Millbury, MAWhile doughnuts were originally introduced to Americans by the Dutch under the initial name of “oily cakes” – a name so unappetizing, its name change to doughnuts is one we will never argue – it is Rocco Astrella who remains the inspiration for this newly opened family business. Having owned a Dunkin Donuts in Saugus, Massachusetts during the 1950s – a time in where there was a limit of eight Dunkin Donuts and America didn’t run on Dunkin – Rocco Astrella quickly became known for his donut business and inspired other family members to open their own doughnut shops during the 1950s and 1960s. Fast forward to 2018 and the Astrella family is back at it again, except this time, they are making a name for themselves under their own brand. Maybe it’s embedded in their DNA or maybe they are just filling to void in the hip bakery market, but either way, Rocco’s Doughnut Company is the new kid on the block making waves with their crowd-pleasing flavors.

Stack of Doughnuts from Rocco's Doughnut Company in Millbury, MA
Stack of Doughnuts from Rocco’s Doughnut Company in Millbury, MA

Joseph Astrella, the owner of Rocco’s Doughnut Company and the son of Rocco, set out to create a doughnut shop based on the creative idea of his daughter, Kerri Astrella. Within a few weeks, they manifested the shop and within the first weeks of opening, they’ve managed to sell out every single day before 10:30 am. Between their eccentric flavors and frenzied social media buzz, their shop has quickly filled the void left from when The Queen’s Cups relocated out from the building last year. With its rotating daily flavors, like the Whoopie Doughnut (a play on the whoopie pie) or the Samoa Doughnut (a vanilla cake doughnut, dipped in a chocolate shell, and topped with a toasted coconut and drizzled with caramel), it’s hard to decide which doughnut to sink your teeth into. Those who need time to think, don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of time while driving around looking for parking or waiting on line (which has been as long as two hours during peak times and is a hot topic on The Millbury Site 3.0 Facebook group). Regardless, Rocco’s has created a product and brand that has made doughnuts exciting again.