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Five Spots for Cold-Pressed Juice in Worcester

Let me begin by saying there is no shame in pledging your devotion to team-juice or team-smoothie. Both allow you the benefits of consuming raw plants, thereby supplying your body with essential nutrients and fiber. I will warn that certain smoothies can include large doses of peanut butter, frozen yogurt, and even ice cream. Cold-pressed juice on the other hand, is an easy way to get vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in one sitting without the risk of additives.

Where can you get cold-pressed juice in Worcester? Here are a few of my go-to spots.

Bedlam Book Cafe
Bedlam’s juice bar features a wide variety of tasty combinations to get you to the next chapter of your day. The owners believe our bodies and minds are closely linked. Their list is forever changing, but I am partial to “Summer Ginsberg on Green St.” featuring cucumber, spinach, apple, and celery.

Steam Energy Cafe
Steam Energy Cafe cold-presses all of its juices using a Goodnature CT7 Juicer—a hydraulic press that extracts liquid without heat or oxygen in order to harness all of the nutrients often emitted by others. Steam is proud to share that its juices are not pressurized or pasteurized. Treat yourself to a “strawberry patch” made with strawberry, celery, cucumber, lime, ginger, and mint.

NU Kitchen
“Nu” is meant to evoke the French term for “naked.” At NU Kitchen, juices are designed to strip away unnatural ingredients and showcase tall glasses of vibrant fuel for your hardworking body. “Vita C” combines orange, pineapple, ginger, and carrot, while the “sweet beach” refreshes with pineapple, apple, cucumber, and mint.

Fuel America
Fuel is conveniently located on the northeast corner of the Worcester Common. With spectacular wifi and plenty of comfortable seating options, Fuel has quickly become a popular spot for downtown meetings throughout the workday. The “green machine” will get you through your jam-packed afternoon by supplying hits of vitamin C, vitamin K, and vitamin A without packing on any extra calories.

Brew on the Grid
On the southwest end of the Common, you’ll find more cold-pressed options at Brew on the Grid including the “green monster” made with Granny Smith apples and fresh lime for a burst of sweet and sour. For something with earth and spice, try the “Mt. Fuji Juice” made with tumeric, Red Fuji apples, and ginger.

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The April Wrap Up

April gave me a rare look inside Armsby Abbey’s kitchen to learn about their team’s exceptional charcuterie program in addition to their unique butchering practices. Executive Chef Sean Dacey expressed sky high expectations for his knowledgeable staff while owner Sherri Sadowski provided insight about the role that Reserve’s technology plays in streamlining guest services. As Mass Foodies live correspondent, I also had the opportunity to attend Massachusetts’ first hemp dinner at deadhorse hill, courtesy of Luce Farm. Hemp or CBD, offers a variety of health and wellness benefits. The event proved indicative of an uncharted cannabis culture that Worcester is only beginning to grapple with.

Five single origin dark chocolate bars from Goodnow Farms and the beans used to produce them. The middle one, made from Mexican beans, actually has the highest cocoa content: 77% (Erb Photography for Mass Foodies)
Five single origin dark chocolate bars from Goodnow Farms and the beans used to produce them. The middle one, made from Mexican beans, actually has the highest cocoa content: 77% (Erb Photography for Mass Foodies)

Contributing writer, Giselle Rivera-Flores continued her #SundayFunday series with an old favorite: Bocado Tapas Wine Bar, embracing a sultry communal dining experience. On the West side, Giselle got “clean and naked” with Nu Cafe where owner Josh Van Dyke is curating an organic lifestyle for his Chandler Street customers. Just up the road in Tatnuck Square, Giselle broke the news that owners of Funky Murphy’s had purchased Tatnuck Grille where they are planning to launch a new concept in the near future.

This month, Jim Eber immersed himself in craft chocolate at Goodnow Farms in Sudbury. Jim distinguished chocolate as a complex food rather than a simple candy, citing the laborious steps undertaken by proprietors, Tom and Monica Rogan. The Rogans take their beans seriously, accounting for the likes of their fresh, herbal, and aromatic small-batch bars of Ucayali from Peru. Trust us when we tell you that the $8 price tag is a steal.

The building permit for Crust's expansion as North Main Provisions.
The building permit for Crust’s expansion as North Main Provisions.

Most exciting of all was the announcement by Alexis Kelleher and Nate Rossi that Crust Bakeshop will expand to offer fine wine and cheese, a suitable match for the signature fresh baked breads that drive customers downtown in droves. The expansion makes use of a neighboring Main Street storefront, which has already undergone two months of renovation.

And, if you’ve been following the Hangover Pub’s restaurant drama (fit for a box office hit) we are pleased to report that Michael Arrastia has officially divorced from any legal ties to notorious money-launderer Christopher Slavinskas. According to the Telegram and Gazette, Arrastia received approval from officials on Thursday to reopen under a fresh license.