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The Master of Cigars

Cigar Masters Outside

Cigar Masters OutsideWhen you think of a cigar bar, does your mind conjure up thoughts of a dark, smokey and stuffy lounge with old men smoking cheap cigars? Well, some cigar bars are exactly that, but not Cigar Masters on Exchange Street in Worcester.

Cigar Masters is beautifully decorated, exposed brick lounge with an open floor plan, great ventilation, a huge walk-in humidor and a lively bar area all designed to enhance your overall experience. The sitting areas in the main room are inviting, complete with comfortable leather chairs and tables and reflect the tradition that goes along with smoking a premium hand rolled cigar. Each sitting area is slightly different than the next, some with high back leather chairs, others with deep-seated club chairs, but all comfortable and relaxing. The bar area is a wonderfully designed square bar, with plenty of seats and viewing access to a variety of flat screen TVs. If you are looking for something more intimate, then the upper lounge offers a number of spots to enjoy quiet conversations while still enjoying a smoke and libation.

In addition to the seating areas inside, Cigar Masters has a 3-season atrium where you can enjoy your favorite smoke. The atrium comes complete with a retractable roof so during the warmer weather you can enjoy your favorite cigar “al fresco” and in the cooler weather, the roof is closed and portable gas heaters are used to keep patrons warm.

The staff at Cigar Masters is extremely knowledgeable and is always willing to help even the most novice cigar smoker choose the smoke that is right for them. They can walk you through the humidor and help you choose the right size, tobacco blend and flavor to match your desired taste. Cigar Masters carries a wide variety of premium, hand rolled cigars including brands such as Aston, Cohiba, Punch, Romeo & Julieta, La Gloria Cubana, Partagas, CAO and more, including their own brand which has been hand blended by Rocky Patel just for them.

If cigars aren’t your thing, Cigar Masters has plenty to entertain you. With plenty of large screen TVs, watch your favorite sporting event with a smoke and a drink, while relaxing in a big comfortable leather chair. With live music on many nights, Cigar Masters is one of the city’s best spots to hear some of the area’s finest acts. Have you ever tried a hookah? Once reserved for Middle Eastern men, hookah has become popular with just about everyone. Cigar Masters offers a variety of flavored tobacco to choose from, so if you haven’t tried one yet, maybe Cigar Masters is the place to do it.

Finally, if you think a cigar bar will be an uncomfortable place to be for an entire evening, don’t worry. Cigar Masters has one of the finest ventilation systems in the area, keeping even the most particular patrons who don’t “light up” comfortable all night long.

Cigar Masters, One Exchange Place in Worcester offers free valet parking and is open 7 days.

Cigar Masters Lounge

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Worcester Hookah

Adjusting the coals for the Hookah.

Hookah – it’s all the rage and you can smoke it in more places around Worcester than you think!

What is Hookah you ask? A Hookah is a tall, traditional water pipe used to smoke flavored tobacco. The practice of smoking Hookah is easy, first choose your flavor of tobacco like apple, cherry, chocolate, mint or lemon. Those are the tame ones, there are other more exotic flavors and each lounge will have different flavors. Then the tobacco is heated with a special charcoal tablet through a plate, drawn through the water to cool it, up a long tube and into your mouth. Most people who smoke it find it relaxing. Others question it. We will leave it up to you to decide.

Once reserved for Middle Eastern men, this smoky trend is attracting a much younger, hipper crowd.

And in Worcester there are lots of places to try it:
Shisha Room Hookah Bar
Spiritual Haze: Hookah Lounge
Victory Bar & Cigar
In House Coffee
Cigar Masters

Shisha Room Hookah Bar on Shrewsbury Street