It’s Fry-Day on a Monday at Kummerspeck

Fried chicken Monday at Kummerspeck also means $5 cans of Medusa – a combination sure to bring the balance and fulfilment that you need to start your week. Chef/owners Matt Mahoney and Rachel Coit have picked a worthy pair to entice, offering first responders and teachers 10% off their bills (excluding alcohol) on fried chicken Mondays all summer long.

Buck’s First Rodeo

Next time you’re in a small town mood with a big city zip code, rest assured that you’ll get along just fine at Buck’s Whiskey & Burger Bar.

BirchTree Bread Pulls its Honest Weight

The pork used in BirchTree Bread’s ramen dish had been fed on Honest Weight’s spent grain, a byproduct of the brewing process, for close to a year. Served alongside Honest Weight’s multi-grain stout, this ramen pairing took symbiosis to astounding heights.

Acaí with Your Tea

If clean living is in your sights this month, I urge you to fit Steam’s herbal tea, smoothies, and acai bowls into your routine.

Pairing Vegan Pastrami

The Vegan Nest’s hot pastrami melt begs for a spicy lemonade. Lining up fats and acids can be tricky with seitan and the like, but this flavor duet hits the mark.

Countryside Classics at Uxlocale

Chef Elaine Pusateri Cowan sets a meticulous standard of excellence; as such, every element of your Uxlocale experience is the result of a great deal of discerning effort in the kitchen.

Getting Our Fix of Beer and Burgers

We suggest The Fix’s Crunchy Burger – a grass-fed grind served with fried prosciutto, parmesan crisp, potato chips, mustard pickles, lettuce, and garlic mayo on a sesame seed bun. Match strength with strength by pairing it with a Belgian Strong Pale like Duvel. Duvel’s pronounced malt character and slight bitterness cut through the rich burger to refresh the palate with each and every sip.