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It’s Fry-Day on a Monday at Kummerspeck

You will be hard pressed to find a better deal than fried chicken Mondays at Kummerspeck on Water Street. Half a bird “with fixins” is just $14, not to mention their $20 all you can eat rate. What are fixins, you ask? Biscuits, cornbread, hot honey, potato salad, collards, and slaw. Even the accoutrements mean business.

Chef/owners Matt Mahoney and Rachel Coit have picked a worthy pair to entice, offering first responders and teachers 10% off their bills (excluding alcohol) on fried chicken Mondays all summer long. Kummerspeck’s social media presence alone sets them apart from most of the other carefully curated acts around town. A recent post directed at local educators read, ”It’s August and the clock’s ticking. Pretty soon you’ll be surrounded by those little maniacs again. Get your chicken and boozy limeade on while you still can!” Quick wit coupled with a fair amount of self-deprecation might make you forget that Mahoney and Coit’s combined resumes have placed them in some of the top kitchens in the region. One bite of fried chicken bliss will help you to remember.

Mondays also mean $5 cans of Medusa including their mid-strength American IPA, Prosperous. Kummerspeck’s fried chicken is juicy on its own, so the sharp, clean bittering of Apollo hops makes a can of Medusa Prosperous the perfect pair. The addition of Zythos casts off aromas of grapefruit and pine from your glass along with high acidity to refresh the palate after each crunchy, caramelized bite. This combination is sure to bring you the balance and fulfilment that you need to start your week. (Or give it up, and order a rootbeer float. You deserve it.)

We suggest you arrive early or make a reservation because Kummerspeck’s fried chicken Mondays can get pretty busy; after all, it might not be Friday but it’s certainly fry-day. Eat to your heart’s content.