Greater Good’s taproom and kitchen is set to open in mid-March on Millbrook Street in Worcester. The brewery is the first of its kind to cater exclusively to the imperial style which ranges from 8%-14% abv. Recognizing that these big beers could reduce guest’s stay times, Business Manager J.T. Ethier revealed to Mass Foodies that the brewing company will likely release a new line of beers under a different label this year which will offer more sessionable selections. The tap room itself is inviting, featuring a space for live music, seating for 100, and a number of engaging games. Greater Good will sell growlers, which can easily be transported across the street to Dacosta’s Pizza Bakery. This proximity to one of Worcester’s favorite byob spots will no doubt give life to the neighborhood’s level of walkability. The brewery will also offer simple fare of their own for customers to enjoy, including paninis and pretzels.

Take a look at Greater Good Imperial Brewing Company’s new taproom on Millbrook Street in Worcester!

Posted by Mass Foodies on Thursday, February 22, 2018