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Civil War of Wine: North v. South

Wine glasses ready for Lock 50's North versus South wine event on Water Street in Worcester, MA

Last night, Jonathan Rodriguez of Winebow Boston took on Heather Christensen of Gilbert Distributors in a duel of epic proportions. For the event, held at Lock 50 on Water Street, each competitor exhibited six selections. Rodriguez represented South American vineyards and Christensen represented North American vineyards for the competition respectively. Following a dramatic coin toss, Rodriguez set to work acquainting attendees with the “real people” behind the wines of South America, while Christensen brandished a musical accompaniment in the form of her personal violinist, Sylvia. In the end, Christensen was named the winner on behalf of Gilbert Distributors. Lock 50 will host an East vs. West duel next month. Tickets will be available on Eventbrite for $25.

WINE: North vs. South at Lock 50Deuling Tables – North vs. South at Lock 50 in Worcester, MA

Posted by Mass Foodies on Wednesday, April 5, 2017