Veal Ragu from Joey's on Chandler Street in Worcester, MA

Nestled away in a small strip mall, slightly off the beaten path, is Joey’s Bar and Grill—a reliable name to the Worcester dining scene. Lesser restaurants would likely struggle with the location but Joey’s was packed during our last Worcester Foodies meeting—even on a Tuesday night. Joey’s offers a mixed menu of good staples and interesting dishes. Our waitress was very knowledgeable and helpful with the menu and specials of the day.

I decided to order the veal ragu. The veal ragu was described as slow roasted veal with wild mushrooms, white wine and sage. It was served over a bead of cracked pepper risotto. Accompanying the meal was an arugula, pancetta, and crisp apple salad. The meal was well prepared and the flavors described in the description were apparent and well balanced. My only comment on the meal was that salad had a slightly salty taste to it which brought out the flavors of the greens, apples and pancetta but was slightly over salty at times. The veal ragu and risotto were exceptionally prepared and went well together making for a wonderful felling like a home cooked comfort food meal with some unique flair to it. The slow cooked veal, carrots, mushrooms, and wine all blended well into a savory dish that I would definatley order again.

The food, service, staff, and attention to detail were evident at Joey’s. The chef smmed quite interested in checking up on his guests and making sure everyone as happy and content. Joey’s is a great place for a good meal that’s slightly of the beaten path for Worcester’s dining scene. If your ever in the Chandler St area Joey’s is worth a visit. -DO