Wild Mushroom Ravioli and Sausage

Joey’s Bar & Grill occupies a small space in an otherwise unassuming neighborhood and plaza. Tucked into the corner, Joey’s opens up an offers its patrons a warm, casual environment with plenty of seats to choose from in the open bar are or the expansive dining area with booths and tables. All members of our party were greeted by a cheery waitress who brought our tables fresh cut bread and a seasoned olive oil, cheese and spice dipping mixture that was to die for. I was very hungry after a long day of work and I needed something to get me started, so I chose the fried pickles with spicy aioli ($5). The pickles were thick cut dills that were lightly battered in a seasoned dredge and then deep fried to perfection. The tanginess of the pickle and the spiciness of the dipping sauce went hand in hand and was a delicious way to start my meal. When it came to choosing my meal, I wanted to try something that had familiar ingredients to me, but had a different delivery than I may have been used to in the past. I decided on the wild mushroom ravioli and sausage ($18). This dish consisted of crumbled homemade sausage with roasted peppers, spinach and shallots in a vodka cream sauce. First off, the raviolis were delicious. The pasta was cooked al dente and had great chew, and the wild mushroom feeling gave you every indication that you were eating a meat filled ravioli, while the wonderful Portobello taste came out at the end. The homemade sausage had a nice seasoned kick to it. It paired nicely with the creamy and savory vodka cream sauce that was covering the pasta. After a long day of work, or if you have a big appetite, Joey’s is a perfect spot for you to relax in comfort, eat fantastically prepared food and forget about life for a little while. I would highly recommend this restaurant for anyone who wants a modern twist on some classic American-Italian dishes. -ED