Before last night my only other visit to O’Connor’s was to enjoy a few libations at the bar with friends so when Foodies for October was announced, I looked forward to getting acquainted with one of Worcester’s best known casual dining spots.

Entering O’Connor’s I immediately got a warm and comfortable feeling. We were greeted with a big smile and brought to one of their back rooms through a maze of smaller rooms and bar areas. “How interesting”, my dining partner commented as we walked past the beautifully decorated walls and seating areas. As nice as it all was, I was slightly more interested in some of the delicious and rich comfort food O’Connor’ss is so well known for around Worcester.

Looking forward to a meal rich and meaty I started my night off with a full-bodied, ice old, 20oz Berkshire Brewing Octoberfest. At first, the beer was a little to bitter for my taste, but it grew on me and ended up being the perfect pairing for my meal.

As we all were looking at our menus, someone commented that the Guinness Pie was a huge dish, too big to be finished by anyone at one sitting. Always up for the challenge I immediately decided it was Guinness Pie for me and put down the menu. Described as enormous and filled with rich and malty stew, when the dish arrived it did not disappoint. The flaky pastry top was the size of both of my hands and I eagerly broke into it to sample the steaming beef and vegetables. The slow-cooked beef, mushrooms, celery, onions and carrots were savory and rich, taking on the flavors of the Guinness and the pastry crust was flaky and delicious. And paired with the Berkshire Brewing Octoberfest made for a perfect meal. For the record, I did finish the whole pie but it certainly was a huge portion!

O’Connor’s menu is varied with lots of options including fish, poultry, vegetarian and more so no matter what you want for dinner, O’Connor’s is sure to please!