Irish Shepherd’s Pie from O'Connor's Restaurant on West Boylston Street in Worcester, MA

Going to O’Connor’s Restaurant is like going home, and for me it was just that. Having grown up in the Burncoat area of Worcester, the West Boylston Street staple was a huge part of some of my most memorable moments. From celebrating a soccer win in high school, to meeting up with college friends for a holiday drink, or a rehearsal dinner for my best friend’s wedding, O’Connor’s has always been the place to get together with friends and family.

In making my dinner selection, I chose something that would give me a similarly nostalgic feeling, selecting the Irish Shepherd’s Pie. The slow cooked beef, roasted vegetables (corn, peas and carrots) and savory gravy were a tasty combination and the creamy mashed potatoe / cheddar cheese topping was baked to perfection. This heaping portion of comfort food was enough for 2 or 3 meals of, but I was prepared to eat and made sure to finish every bite! The buttery potatoes and cheddar reminded me of my Mom’s shepherd’s pie when I was growing up and how I have since tried to replicate her recipe.

If you’re in need of a night out, but are still looking for the feel and taste of home, you need to check out O’Connor’s! Whether it’s your first time visiting or your fiftieth, you will be greeted with their friendly staff and treated as if you’re part of the family. Don’t worry either if comfort food isn’t your thing; O’Connor’s, which distinguishes itself for their European flair, also offers many lighter menu options. Constantly changing their menu to move forward with up and coming food trends, O’Connor’s also includes a variety of salad, vegetarian, gluten free and fresh-daily seafood options!

The restaurant itself also has a rich history, and has grown and expanded as much as the building has in its twenty-five years; you can see it on their walls. O’Connor’s Restaurant is decorated from top to bottom with décor and memorabilia from a lifetime of stories and experience.

So go ahead, join the family!