Fish and chips from O'Connor's on West Boylston Street in Worcester, MA

The week we went to O’Connor’s I had fish and chips at three separate restaurants. I was desperately grasping for the fleeing fried seafood coattails of summer. The first meal was overwhelming in size and basic fried flavor. The final was a northern Rhode Island landmark with super crunchy batter that ended up separating from the fish with the slightest introduction of a knife. The second dish was at O’Connor’s and was a great mix of qualities I look for in fish and chips; the plate was not overbearing in size and there was a reasonable amount of fries. The batter became super crunchy, but had multiple layers and remained stuck to the fish, which was well cooked and flaky. The batter was not overly greasy and the filet remained intact with its crunch while I ate from one end. The quality of the meals of those around me as well makes me feel confident that any dish I order from O’Connors will be well executed and flavorful.