WooBerry on Highland Street in Worcester, MA is serving homemade hard ice cream. (Photo by Erb Photography for WooBerry)

Dolly Mama Ice Cream From WooBerry on Highland Street in Worcester, MA (Photo Erb Photography)

Dolly Mama (Photo by Erb Photography for WooBerry)

In 2011, Ted Domville opened WooBerry with one simple concept: choose a flavor and add the toppings. With four rotating flavors of frozen yogurt made daily and over 60 toppings to choose from, the concept was quick to catch on and has yielded happy consumers of all ages throughout the four seasons. As WooBerry celebrates its four year anniversary on August 8th, things are about to change: homemade, hard ice cream.

Ted first started making his own ice cream as a chef in North Carolina. These small batches acted as inspiration to the flavors that he’s been developing for WooBerry in Worcester. “I think it’s a bit easier to keep hard ice cream exciting, ” Domville said. “For one, I’m somewhat limited on the yogurt as you can’t get mix-ins through the machine, whereas I have with most of my ice creams.  And because I have straight flavors of yogurt for people who aren’t willing to be adventurous, I can get a bit more wild on the ice creams.” Some of the new batches of ice cream include Chocolate Lavender, Strawberry Saffron, Thai Basil and the Dolly Mama (an Aztec chocolate inspired by a chocolatier in North Carolina which includes cinnamon, cayenne, toasted corn, and toasted pumpkin seeds).

The ice cream is perfect for New England where the changing seasons will allow for fresh ingredients to create unique flavors throughout the year.

Starting on August 8th, WooBerry will be serving two “mass appeal” flavors like Vanilla Bean and Oreo along with six unique flavors that are ever changing (even WPI has some influence with the “WPI” Goat cheese/honey/almond ice cream).

On Friday, July 31st, WorcesterScene’s Worcester Foodies group got a chance to try these flavors with rave reviews.image