Sashimi at Baba Sushi on Park Avenue in Worcester, MA

Baba Sushi is able to deliver the full dining experience—the atmosphere, food, flavors and service combined with good friends makes it simply one of the best sushi restaurants.

Having sat in the front room dozens of times, the back dining room was a pleasant surprise. It has a much different vibe. The back room’s high ceilings give it an open, inviting feel.

Baba Sushi’s food has always been consistently outstanding and this visit was no different. Nothing is simpler than raw fish on a plate, yet, nothing compares to the taste.

My sashimi spread consisted of sake (salmon), hotate (scallop), taco (octopus) and maguro (tuna). As usual, it was fresh and full of flavor.

The taco’s texture and consistency were exceptional, easy to chew and not rubbery, which can be a challenge for octopus. The highlight of the night: describing hotate’s buttery flavor and soft texture to my Foodies friend. She tried it and loved it, thanks to my recommendation.

One note on the portion size at Baba…often after eating sashimi at other restaurants I might not be full, but Baba is generous and fair.

Our excellent server handled our large party alone. He delivered food in a timely manner, filled water glasses promptly and offered drinks right on time. He seemed very knowledgeable about the food. I overheard him speaking with a few folks about the preparation and ingredients of a few dishes in impressive detail.

Baba Sushi is one of a very small handful of restaurants in Worcester County I have found to be consistent with its fresh food, great service, and appealing atmosphere. For me, Baba is my go-to restaurant for sushi. Highly recommend.