Meatball Pizza

You have probably heard the expression, “Go and eat where the locals do…” The Wonder Bar on Shrewsbury Street is exactly that; people have come here to eat pizza, and other delightful home cooked Italian dishes, for decades. The family restaurant has charm, with very friendly staff, and good memorable music from the jukebox. While I firmly believe that meatballs belong in a sub, I was intrigued to see how Wonder Bar would combine them with their thin, crispy crust and tangy tomato sauce. And, I have to admit, it worked. The thin slices of meatballs, in pepperoni-style, allowed to have a taste of freshly made meatball with each bite, combining the crisp crunch of crust with juicy, savory meatball. When people think Italian, they usually think pasta and meatballs or pizza, Wonder Bar combines the two. When you think Italian, think Wonder Bar-CD

When this pie came out of the Wonder Bar kitchen, it was studded with thinly sliced, home made meatballs. Each bite that was taken had the great combination of pizza and grandma’s classic spaghetti and meatball flavor. I personally think pizza is one of the best comfort foods that one can indulge in. And when restaurants does it the right way with fresh ingredients and make there pies by hand, there is no better way to spend a night out on the town. -ED

Wonder Bar covered this pizza with medium sized meatballs, sliced fairly thin. The meatballs themselves are excellent and married with the pizza; they create an excellent flavor combination with great texture. Overall an excellent pizza -DL