Pepperoni Pizza

When the waitress from Wonder Bar brought out this pizza I thought to myself, Pepperoni, how boring, but lets face it pepperoni pizza is an icon in the pizza world, I had to try Wonder Bar‘s creation and I wasn’t disappointed. This pizza is covered with thin pepperoni slices and of course the usual mozzarella, it was a good pizza. -RL

It seems that any restaurant or gastropub can’t do simple anymore. Chefs are faced with a challenge, both against other chefs and with themselves, in creating something new and unexpected. There are times, however, that you want to go back to the basics, and in the pizza world, the pepperoni pizza is where Wonder Bar brings us to. The crust, thin and crisp, acts as the stage for the cheese and pepperoni combination… a combination that, although not new and adventurous, offers a slice of nostalgia. The subtle spices in the pepperoni, the light tang of the sauce, and the flavor of the cheese is the perfect way to go back to the basics. -LV

The Wonder Bar on Shrewsbury Street is one of Worcester’s most iconic restaurants. Know for its casual atmosphere and time-tested recipes, it also offers up one of the city’s finest thin crust pizzas. This month we got to enjoy a plethora of tastes as we ordered a variety of these great tasting pies including meatball, mushroom, eggplant, spinach & chicken, spinach & ricotta and even Hawaiian! But my favorite by far was the pepperoni, which sounds boring but not at the Wonder Bar. This pie combines the spicy flavors of the pepperoni with a sweet tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese base that makes every flavorful and crispy bite better than the last. Accompanied by a glass of house Chianti this offering has a simple ingredient list but is complex in flavor and texture and truly one of Worcester’s most enjoyable meals. -JG