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Summer Recap Map: Cape Cod 2018

The Andrea Cape Cod (Erb Photo)

An oceanside sabbatical means plenty of clam shacks and sandwiches at the beach, but we also believe that every getaway calls for at least one fine dining experience. The food landscape has shifted dramatically on Cape Cod and its islands in recent years to emphasize fresh, healthy, and sustainable options for residents and tourists alike. Mass Foodies has pinpointed five distinct restaurants to highlight on the Cape this summer.

Chatham Bars Inn: Don’t let Chatham’s reputation for exclusivity scare you away. The team at Chatham Bars Inn can make you feel like royalty, even if it’s just for one afternoon.

Ceraldi: Ceraldi has a wide network of farmers, foragers, and fishermen with whom he works closely each day to devise a unique seven-course prix fixe menu for his Wellfleet restaurant, Ceraldi. Just don’t call it a concept. It’s not a concept.

The Beachcomber: There’s no such thing as a bad mood at The Beachcomber in Wellfleet.

Blackfish: Truro is a destination lauded by families for its stunning seascapes, picturesque hiking trails, and beachside bonfires, but it offers a sophistication as well. Candles levitate. Glasses sweat. Tentacles wiggle. Blackfish penetrates the melodrama of dining on Cape Cod.

Victor’s: Victor’s has it all. Cathedral ceilings, precious works of art, whispers of an attempted murder carried out by Victor himself, and tuna paté served on fresh loaves of crusty bread.

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The Grandfather Clause That Keeps Cape Cod Sexy: Another Summer at The Beachcomber

There are three rules that don’t apply to The Beachcomber in Cahoon Hollow.

The Beachcomber is Cape Cod’s only true oceanfront restaurant.

First, it’s okay to be that guy sporting the band’s t-shirt at the show. Wearing Beachcomber merch to The Beachcomber is not only acceptable, it’s encouraged. A badge of honor. A moniker of chill.

Second, social media is dead to The ‘Comber. It did happen – even without the real-time pics. I suspect that the lack of service is intentional. Put your cell phone away. This is Cape Cod’s only true oceanfront restaurant and I strongly suggest that you admire the panoramic scenery. Plus, The Travel Channel named it one of the “Sexiest Beach Bars in the World,” so if the Atlantic doesn’t do it for you, the people watching will.

The Beachcomber offers a rare and refreshing escape from cell phone service.

Third, we know your grandmother told you never to walk on the dunes, but by virtue of a grandfather clause, The Beachcomber has maintained its stake as a commercial entity in the dunes of Wellfleet. The structure itself was erected in 1897 as a Life Saving Service station. In 1953, it was outfitted with driftwood and converted into a nautical inn. The current owners purchased the property in 1978, but you won’t be able to pick them out of the crowd. They’ll be wearing flip flops and a ‘Comber tee shirt like everybody else.

The beachside bartenders have paid their dues, most having spent upwards of fifteen summers at The Beachcomber. They claim to have sold over three million Goombay Smashes, a signature rum drink made with a Myers’s float for that woody-molasses bite. Sip wisely. For a gentler dose of botanical refreshment, order a Dry Line Gin and tonic, infused with Eastern Red Cedar juniper berries from nearby Truro. All cocktails are served with straw-ternatives; the North Atlantic garbage patch is no joke.

Fried clam strips are also virtually a requirement at The Beachcomber.

Don’t skip the raw bar. Enjoy some Wellfleet oysters shucked by Big Daddy himself and choose from a wide array of mignonettes including jalapeno, cucumber, garlic, and shallot ginger. If you don’t love a viscous seabrine slurp on the half-shell, but you’re willing to give molluscs a go, try the Eastham mussels. Each deep blue capsule contains a fat little sponge soaked in butter with just a mild nod to the ocean. (Fried clam strips are also virtually a requirement.)

Break all the rules. There’s no such thing as a bad mood at The Beachcomber.