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Miss Last Month’s Food News? Here’s A Small Bite

Mass Foodies and The Queen's Cups sit down at Good As Gold Coffee to understand their air roasting and begin planning a fall event together. (Erb Photo)
The Kale Brussels Salad with Yellowtail at 110 Grill's new Worcester, MA location.
The Kale Brussels Salad with Yellowtail at 110 Grill’s new Worcester, MA location.

May means outdoor dining, a reality made simple with the launch of 110 Grill in downtown Worcester. I had the opportunity to tour 110’s new space for a Live segment with General Manager Patrick McClelland who expressed his excitement about the restaurant’s proximity to the AC Marriott. Lights still need to be installed on the patio, but guests are welcome to dine before dark in the meantime; stay tuned for fire pits. If you’re curious about the parking situation, rest assured that 110 Grill validates after 5 p.m. and anytime on the weekends.

The building permit for Crust's expansion as North Main Provisions.
The building permit for Crust’s expansion as North Main Provisions.

I joined Renee King of the Queen’s Cups on a tour of Good As Gold Coffee, one of her Canal District neighbors. I have driven past Good As Gold hundreds of times over the years, but this was my first venture inside. New advanced air roasting technology allows these local crafters to ensure steadfast consistency for customers. Their custom air roaster controls how heat is applied to the coffee bean, impacting the outside coloration of the roast color as well as the inside by taking measurements 10 times per second. What now separates Good As Gold from other roasters is an ability to provide more consistent coffee and dial in their recipes. Good As Gold is currently the only roaster in the United States with this precise technology. You can expect an autumn collab with the Queen. (Stay tuned for Coffee + Dessert #1!)

This month, Mass Foodies contributor Jim Eber took a chance on Crust Artisan Bakeshop’s Coney Island pizza. Alexis Kelleher’s homage to the “Up” dog, an iconic preparation with all the fixings, was created to trigger the same nostalgia she feels whenever she sets foot in her family’s eatery, Coney Island. Kelleher and her partner Nate Rossi are expanding their footprint to offer fine wine and cheese, a compliment to their signature fresh baked goods at Crust. The new entity will be called North Main Provisions.

The Worcester Market, photograph from Worcester Historical Museum
The Worcester Market, photograph from Worcester Historical Museum

Giselle-Rivera Flores broke the news that Chef Jay Powell has sold the Twisted Fork Bistro in Leicester to open a new venture in the town of Auburn. The new project will be called the Twisted Cochon BBQ and Grill. Flores also treated the family to a tea party at Fancy That in Walpole for her new series, #FamilyEats. In addition, she zeroed in on the community, applauding public markets like Allen Fletcher’s new Kelley Square Market project. Rivera wrote, “In the midst of a growth spurt, Worcester looks back on its roots in an attempt to infuse what the city needs the most: a common space to define and explore shared values among the diverse culture that breathes life into Worcester’s identity.”

The Worcester Foodies braved torrential downpours to test the waters at simjang on Shrewsbury Street. The crew found it easy to step out of their comfort zone under the watchful eye of Chef de Cuisine Mike Wenc and his knowledgeable staff. Robyn sprang for the Mulgogi (whole fish) and reveled in its flakey perfection. What a way to delight in May.

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Central Massachusetts Continues Expansion With Queen’s Cups

56 Water Street, formerly Bucky's, will be the new location for The Queen's Cup, which is anticipating opening in June.

The culinary universe in the Heart of the Commonwealth is constantly expanding, and when places like Queen’s Cups look to open in the city, it reaffirms the momentum from 2016—with the introduction of new favorites such as deadhorse hill, Lock 50, Bull Mansion, Figs & Pigs, Brew on the Grid, British Beer Company and more—doesn’t appear to be slowing down.

The Queen's Cup's owner, Renee King, posing with talk radio host Jordan Levy
The Queen’s Cup’s owner, Renee King, posing with talk radio host Jordan Levy

Having signed a lease last week, work is already underway to transform the vacant Bucky’s Building on Water Street (right next door to Lock 50) into something sweet—a new home for Millbury’s Queen’s Cups. “Moving to the Canal District is a dream I’ve had for years now,” says Renee King, owner of Queens Cups. “The businesses are booming; the atmosphere is friendly and the growth is going to continue.” Queen’s Cups originally opened in 2012 but has since outgrown its Millbury location having tripled their sales and reached over eleven thousand followers on Instagram, making this move a major component to their continued success. “There is a need for dessert in the Canal District and we want to turn into a destination for desserts at night. I loved Café Dolce and I feel that there is a need for something similar in the city again,” says King. The new location is expected to open this summer.

Jon and Alicia showcasing their new location on Plantation Street in Worcester, MA
Jon and Alicia showcasing their new location on Plantation Street in Worcester, MA

While Queen’s Cups is setting up a sweet future in the Canal District, Alicia’s Homemade will be creating a whole new future for the Plantation Street neighborhood. “Our new space on 12 Aitchison Street is going to offer up a little bit of everything and really embrace the homemade style,” says Alicia Haddad, co-owner of Alicia’s Homemade. Over the last five months, Haddad and partner, Jon Dahl have implemented a master plan to stir up some homemade love for a neighborhood in need of a local shop. “Everything we are selling will be part of the shop small concept. We will have granola and coffee from local sellers, alongside brands like Elk Creek Maple Syrup and of course, Alicia’s Homemade,” says Haddad. “We are in a great space and can’t wait to open the doors at the end of February.” In the space previously occupied by the Fourth & One Club, Alicia’s Homemade is looking to make waves in 2017 and remind everyone what Worcester has to offer.

The Pie Store, Table Talk Pie's retail storefront, on Green Street in Worcester, MA
The Pie Store, Table Talk Pie’s retail storefront, on Green Street in Worcester, MA

Having opened the same day that Queen’s Cup officially purchased their space, the Pie Store—the retail outlet for Worcester’s Table Talk Pie—opened after months of renovations to their Green Street space. The space offers a spot for beverages and, of course, pie. Overlooking Crompton Collection, the Pie Store offers a glimpse into Table Talk Pie’s history as well as offering their first grab and go retail service.

Chef Nemeroff cooking in the Ceres Bistro kitchen
Chef William Nemeroff is joining B.T.’s Smokehouse in Sturbridge.

Worcester’s evolving food hub is creating exciting change throughout Central Massachusetts, so it’s no surprise that Chef Bill Nemeroff, recently the culinary director and chef at The International, is boldly moving to B.T.’s Smokehouse to work with owner Brian Treitman. “It has been a dream of ours to work together for years, as we are good friends and the time just seemed to be right,” says Chef Nemeroff. “Now we will push each other to challenge ourselves every day.” Just when we thought B.T.’s Smokehouse couldn’t get any better, they add Chef Nemeroff to the equation and we hear expansion may be in the future.

With Chef Nemeroff putting his culinary skills to the ultimate BBQ test, Table Talk Pie’s opening the Pie Store, Alicia’s Homemade creating a new home for herself and Queen’s Cups moving to the Canal District, we can only imagine what more will come of the Culinary Capital of New England in 2017!