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#SundayFunday – Stuffed Bacon Donuts: The Hangover’s Cure

The Stuffed Bacon Donuts from The Hangover Pub in Worcester, MA

Let’s just get to the point. The debate over the cure for a hangover has loomed over our generation for far too long. The solution for bouncing back after a night out on the town is not hidden in the medicine aisle of your local drug store nor is it fizzing among the bubbles of your lemon-lime Sprite. Worcester’s Hangover Pub, however, has unearthed a cure of their own, and it can be found on their dessert menu. They believe you’ll find solace between hefty bites of a stuffed bacon donut.

While we have all experienced one or two questionable Saturday nights, only a handful of us have soaked up the experienced with a dessert so good it solidifies the true meaning of #SundayFunday. The Hangover Pub isn’t your typical bar serving up half-pound burgers and fries. Instead, the Hangover has made a name for itself with Chef Michael Arrastia’s infusion of bacon into every meal on the menu. From the lobster and bacon stuffed mofongo – a dish that kicks up Latin flavors with a little sofrito wine sauce – to the triple pork ramen – a meal filled with three variations of pork – the Hangover Pub carves its name in bold letters marking the home of Worcester’s hub for indulgence.

Vanilla ice cream stuffed between two donuts, topped with dripping cereal milk glaze and a breakfast cereal crust – a combination of fruity pebbles, cinnamon toast crunch and bacon bits – make the stuffed bacon donuts a cure for more than just hangovers. The sweet and savory combination explodes with every bite. From the sweet vanilla ice cream to the crunchy bits of thick maple bacon, the stuffed bacon donuts are worthy of a #SundayFunday visit. If you’re not looking to cure a hangover with this sweet plate, then pair the stuffed bacon donut with the Warm Soul cocktail – a maple bourbon with smoked caramel, Irish cream, Nitro Hot Coffee topped with whipped cream – to magnify the mark of a #SundayFunday.

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Worcester Kicks Off 2018 With Seven New Restaurants

An artist rendition of the AC Hotel at City Square in downtown Worcester, MA.

Worcester’s food scene continued to grow in 2017 with the addition of a dozen new restaurants including the Railer’s Tavern and Kummerspeck, and Central Massachusetts doesn’t show signs of slowing down. As Worcester continues to expand its commercial spaces, grow by population and its demand to satisfy the needs of every foodie in the city, it solidifies itself as the culinary capital of New England. In 2018, Worcester has already revealed seven new restaurants and Mass Foodies has already seen some incredible plans for more. But, for now, here are some places that you should prepare your appetites for.

Maddi’s Cookery and TapHouse:

Opening in April of 2018, Maddi’s Cookery and TapHouse will add to the Canal District fever as a “truly neighborhood pub” according to the owner, Chef Adam Hicks. Maddi’s will serve a range of pub-style dishes, including salads, sandwiches, hamburgers and fish and chips. With an affordable wine list and a craft beer selection, Maddi’s may be the new “after-work hang out” this Spring.

110 Grill

If Worcester’s food scene lacks anything, it is a restaurant with an allergy sensitive menu but that will change with the addition of 110 Grill – attached to the new AC Marriott – this March. With featured appetizers, salads, sandwiches, hamburgers, entrees, and desserts, 110 Grill will bring a regular dining menu and an accompanying gluten-free menu to downtown Worcester. Creating five seating areas: a dining room, a lounge, a U-shaped bar, a private dining room for up to 50 guests, and an outdoor patio with couches and a fire pit, the restaurant will cover over 6,000 square feet of downtown space.

Protein House

Nurturing and supporting a healthy lifestyle, Protein House will offer a fast-casual environment with superior, healthy foods including protein pancakes, breakfast sandwiches, lean bowls, high protein burgers, PH wraps and acai bowls alongside cold press juices, protein shakes and wellness shots.  Opening at City Square, Protein House will cater to fitness and wellness foodies of Worcester with a diverse menu including a gluten-free option.

New England Craft Restaurant Concepts

New England Craft Restaurant Concepts is “a lively restaurant group inspired by innovative craft food and by extraordinary experience.” 2017 was just the beginning of the New England Craft Restaurant Concepts in Worcester with the addition of Brew on the Grid and Techni Mediterranean Grill in downtown. In 2018, they plan to expand their Worcester collection with four new places: STIX Noodle Bar – 72 Franklin Street – will serve up classic and creative ramen bowls in a contemporary space with hand-made curry and teppanyaki dishes; Revolution Pie + Pint – 50 Franklin Street – will cook up pizzas in an 850 degree oven in under two minutes and offer a large selection of entrees, sandwiches, salads and sharable apps; Craft Table and Bar – 50 Franklin Street – will feature craft beer, wines and innovative dishes with dishes including lamb lollipops and spice-crusted rib eye; Brew Beer Garden – 64 and 66 Franklin Street – will be the city’s new outdoor space to splurge on craft beers, homemade sausages, and “Wicked” pretzels.