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Hangover Pub’s Cider Braised Statler Chicken

Cider Braised Statler Chicken from Hangover Pub on Green Street in Worcester, MA

I walked into the Hangover Pub and felt like it was a very upbeat and happening place. Great energy in this place. The crowds were a mix of Hipster blended with corporate folks with the average Joe sprinkled in. It felt trendy and I thought very loud and very busy for a Tuesday night. Who would have thought a place like this at 6:30pm on a Tuesday night could be so busy.

We proceeded to order our appetizers. After much debate my husband and I ordered the shaved brussel sprout salad. It was large for a side salad but I’m not complaining. It was fantastic with the lemon Dijon vinaigrette and sliced green apples, almonds and of course the ever present bacon. We also ordered the smoked parmesan and house cured bacon potato chips. I can never turn down homemade potato chips. They were some of the best chips I have ever had. For my entrée I ordered the Cider braised Statler chicken it came with a Sherry cream sauce, apple, and bacon of course with large chunks of potato and Brussel sprouts this dish was divine. The chicken itself was cooked perfectly and melted in my mouth.

Our server was very knowledgeable about the menu and was happy to share with us her favorite dishes on the menu. I had every intention of ordering the chicken and waffles and had pretty much made up my mind when I asked our waitress what her favorite entrée on the menu was. Our waitresses eyes got big and excited and she sighed lovingly and said the cider braised statler chicken. She gushed over is so much that she sold me on the spot. I have to say I was not disappointed.

I was very happy with my meal, very happy with the delicious sangria I ordered as well. The service was excellent with the wait staff all being very accommodating and nice. I did end up taking quite a bit of my meal home due to having 2 appetizers that my party and I shared plus the salad, it was a lot of food. I cannot wait to go back here and try some other options on the menu.