Swordfish Steak Picasso from O'Connor's on West Boylston Street in Worcester, MA

September Foodies brought us to a well-known local favorite – O’Connor’s Restaurant & Bar.

I have been frequenting O’Connor’s for years; and I have never had a bad experience, be it food or service. I have always been greeted by “Himself” or “Herself”, displayed by their golden nametags – Brendan & Claire, the most gracious and knowledgeable owners. Always welcoming, always smiling.

We had the pleasure of spending some time with Brendan; it was interesting to hear how O’Connor’s came to fruition in addition to how he met Claire, and their prior business adventures. It was reminiscent of sipping coffee after a family meal, listening to a relative relive the past.Brendan also discussed some of the challenges O’Connor’s faces with the always-evolving food industry, how to maintain a changing clientele, especially with the increasing demands of the younger generation, yet keeping the seasoned clientele happy and returning. We also discussed the challenges with how people are becoming more knowledgeable about food and exploring new and different cuisines. It is now expected that a restaurant offer a higher standard for food (farm to table), than the once typical meat and potatoes, as well as a more eclectic mix of offerings. I really feel that O’Connor’s hits the mark with a wide-ranging eclectic menu.

One of my most favorite items offered is the Butternut Bisque Soup (a must try), however, today they were offering a Cream of Onion with Thyme and Apple – WOW! I cannot even depict how delicious this soup was – not overly creamy and/or heavy, the perfect amount of soft delicious onions, a spattering of cheese on top, and some croutons. Simply out of this world! I hope (if reading O’Connor’s please keep offering).

It gravitate towards the swordfish at O’Connor’s, (the chicken potpie was almost selected, and is very good) the reason I love the swordfish there is one, always fresh, and two always cooked perfectly.

I ordered the – Swordfish Steak Picasso – Pan seared ½ lb. swordfish steak with a “Picatta-Style” sauce of capers, tomato, and fresh herbs, served over linguini. I asked for a side of mixed vegetable as a substitute for the linguini, (no hesitation with this request).

The swordfish as always, cooked perfectly. I must admit, it did not seem like a ½ lb., but it was the perfect size for a meal. The sauce was very tasteful and more sweet than salty, as capers tend to be; it suited the fish well and made for perfect accompaniment.

The staff as always was attentive, gracious, answered all of our questions, and made some recommendations as well.

I enjoy O’Connor’s very much – always a favorite of mine, it was a pleasure to share the evening with my Foodie friends and spend some time with the owner Brendan as well.

No doubt, I will be back, and please, please, have the onion soup!