Pho from Racha Thai in Worcester

Thai food for me, is a recent discovery. I had always been partial to Chinese food, and had no other experience with any other type of Asian cuisine. Last year, a few Thai restaurants opened in the Worcester area, and my husband and I became fast fans. Racha Thai is so close to home it may become a dangerous indulgence, especially on busy evenings when my desire to make a home-cooked meal is wavering.

I am familiar with many Thai dishes, my favorites being lemon grass chicken and pad thai. I decided, on this fateful Foodies outing, to think outside my comfort zone. I decided on one of the evening’s specials, PHO – described as a comforting seasoned broth over rice noodles and chicken. The evening had a brisk fall chill in the year, and soup seemed like the right choice. Fearing the portion may not satisfy my hunger, my husband and I shared the Thai Place Platter, a smorgasbord of delectable fried Thai appetizers – all very delicious! When my soup arrived, it caught the attention of all of my fellow foodies…Why? Because it was absolutely gigantic. The waitress placed an over sized bowl of steaming broth mounded with noodles, bean sprouts, and steamed chicken. The broth itself lived up to its reputation…it was comforting and well-seasoned with a hint of lime zest. The noodles were perfectly cooked and were a meal on their own. The chicken was plentiful as were the sprouts. My only regret…was that I ate too many satay skewers and Thai rolls, and was beyond full without even making a visible dent in the dish. Not to fear, my brother (or as I like to refer to as the bottomless pit) happily devoured my left overs! Racha Thai will be my new Thai take out go-to! -AV