Traditionally Lebanese, the Kibbee Plate from Shiraz Armenian Cuisine combined several Mediterranean delicacies, including the signature kibbee over rice pilaf, a hot grape leave stuffed with meat and rice, and cooling cucumber yogurt. Having never had kibbee, I was unsure of what to expect. Although it’s appearance seemed to be a dry, layered, meat stuffing, the consistency was anything but. The ground meat consisted of a wheat consistency with incredible seasonings of onions, green pepper, cinnamon, allspice, cumin, and basil. Reminiscent of an autumn meat stuffing, the combination of the kibbee with rice and jajek was filling and satisfying. -LV

The portion was huge, the rice was piled high with three large pieces of kibbee placed on top. The kibbee was moist and flavorful however I didn’t taste the lamb which was a disappointment. The pilaf was good, not dry. The grape leaves were made with rice and tomato, a combination I have never had, which I found tastier than the typical lemon flavor.  The jajek was yogurt with cucumbers, the cucumbers were fresh and crisp and the yogurt was cold and tasty, a great combination with the kibbee. Overall I would definitely go again to try another dish! -JV