Chicken Pot Pie from Corner Grille on Pleasant Street in Worcester, MA

If you have never tried the Corner Grille, I am here to say shame on you. OK, kidding but, I know the parking is not the best, but you can make it work. Moreover, their tag line – a unique eatery could not be more fitting.

Corner Grille is one of my favorite spots in Worcester. I cannot get enough of the small, quaint, retro cuteness when you walk in. Nor, can I now get enough of the Harvest Moon Pizza; keep reading….

I was going against the Pizza Girl urge in me and wanting to try something new. I have been eyeing the chicken pot pie in the “to go fridge” for ages now; unbeknownst to me you can order it right off the menu. Well, that changed my whole groove.

I was certainly so happy with my choice. The size is perfect for one, the top crust is so pretty with little leaf accents, and the proportions of chicken, potatoes, peas and carrots (may have been some pearl onions?) were perfect. The sauce was light and creamy, and yes, I bought one to go. Great comfort food for this blistery winter.

I did have a piece of the Tipsy Goat (so good) and the Chicken Pesto (so good) thanks to my friends sharing.  Then – a couple of pizzas arrived for us to all share and try; and this is where my newfound love appeared. The Harvest Moon Pizza! Now this is seasonal so I suggest you go tonight; here is the description –Brown sugar / roasted butternut squash / caramelized onion / sausage / toasted pumpkin seeds / cheese / brown butter drizzle

Oh my goodness! I cannot even articulate how amazingly delicious this is. It does have a sweetness, but the combination of these flavors and the toasted pumpkin seeds; I went out of my mind! I wish I was not full from my potpie and two other slices and could have just devoured piece after piece. Simply amazing.

In addition, if all of that was enough, they brought over some treats to share, and the coconut macaroon was the best I have ever had, I am not exaggerating.

Well folks, as you can see I am in love with Corner Grille. I have never once been disappointed with anything I have had there. This is a place you must try; grab a bottle of wine, your appetite, and savor in the delicious offerings, fab décor, excellent service, and you can say – she was right!