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Worcester Art Museum announces extended Café hours

Al Fresco dining in the Courtyard of the Worcester Art Museum's Cafe in Worcester, MA

Starting September 1, 2018, the Worcester Art Museum has announced new Café hours. The Museum Café will extend its hours to 11am to 3pm, Wednesdays through Saturdays, providing full-service dining. On Sundays, food service will be available from 10am to 3pm at the Sip Cart, which offers sandwiches, snacks, and beverages for sale.

The Museum also announced a change to their monthly free day—offering free admission on the first Sunday of each month rather than on the first Saturday of each month. Free admission on “Free First Sundays” will start on Sunday, September 2. There will be no free admission on Saturday, September 1.

The Museum also announced that it will offer free admission to EBT cardholders, continuing its participation in the EBT Card to Culture program and its commitment to making transformative art experiences accessible to everyone by removing economic barriers to art and culture. EBT Card to Culture is a collaboration between the Mass Cultural Council and the Executive Office of Health and Human Services’ Department of Transitional Assistance. It ensures the state’s best cultural and educational experiences are accessible to low-income residents.