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The Chameleon Appears Closed to Customers on Shrewsbury Street

The Chameleon on Shrewsbury Street in Worcester, MA appears to have closed.

Customers were greeted by shuttered doors at The Chameleon on Wednesday night. Calls to the Shrewsbury Street establishment were redirected to Verizon Wireless, indicating that the phone line had been shut off. E-mails to the owners were not returned.

The Chameleon premiered during this year’s Taste of Shrewsbury Street Celebration in late-June, following the indictment of the space’s former owner—the newly opened The Usual. Charges suggested that the property was purchased with drug money, subsequently creating a sense of curiosity that loomed over the new concept in the months that followed.

The Chameleon pledged to adapt its menu on the first day of every season, beginning with an emphasis on summer barbecue (like the Rub and Pull BBQ Burger), followed by an autumn homage to German cuisine. The Chameleon had intended to focus its efforts on comfort food this winter. That said, a locked door is just about as far from comfort as a restaurant can get.