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New Space for a Worcester Favorite In Table Talk Pie’s Pie Store

Table Talk Pie's New Retail Storefront on Green Street in Worcester, MA.

Worcester’s bakeries are churning out some inventive pies but nothing beats a good ol’ fashion slice from America’s favorite pie makers. At Table Talk Pies, making pies isn’t just about sweet goodness but also the company’s “unwavering commitment to producing the highest quality pie possible” and sharing it with the city they call home.

At Table Talk Pie's Pie Store, they can take "just the pie" and making it something more.
At Table Talk Pie’s Pie Store, they can take “just the pie” and making it something more.

While Table Talk Pies has been yelling, “fresh pies… get your pies here,” since 1924, its rebirth stretches over two decades and with the introduction of the 4-inch snack pies, there was no way Table Talk Pies wasn’t going to be a part of the Worcester food Renaissance. “This has been a long time coming,” says Caitlin Enck, store manager of the new retail location on 153 Green Street. “We want customers to come in and enjoy our pies and be able to embrace the Canal District, our history and what we have in store.”

Serving up warm flaky apple pies topped with vanilla ice cream and caramel drizzle is only but one of the many ways long-standing Table Talk Pie fans can indulge their inner childhood. “I’ve been eating Table Talk Pies for over thirty years and they have been a favorite of mine since my very first bite,” says a local patron. Wrapped with large wall size-windows and embracing its history with vintage photos of the founders, Theodore Tonna and Angelo Cotsidas, the new retail location is anything but a hole-in-the-wall. Staying true to its original style, the retail store offers both the classic 8-inch pie and 4-inch pie in all flavors, ranging from apple to blueberry and pineapple to peach. “We want this space to be family-friendly and we have some great things in store for everyone, especially the kids. We want this new space to be used for events like our ‘make your own pie’ days,” says Enck.

It’s been a long time since pie lovers had a space to call home but with the new location and 50 cent pies, Table Talk Pies will be the new nesting ground for all pie enthusiasts.