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An Intimate Dinner Party at Victor’s in Provincetown’s Quiet West End

There are two ways to dine in Provincetown. Visitors are apt to double down on Commerical Street

Victor’s tuna tartare.

and absorb the dynamic energy of hundreds of passersby. Whereas, regulars tend to skirt past the commotion, preferring a quiet night in the West End at a popular haunt like Victor’s.

Victor’s has it all. Cathedral ceilings, precious works of art, whispers of an attempted murder carried out by Victor himself, and tuna paté served on fresh loaves of crusty bread.

From the outside, Victor’s appears to be just another quaint home in a residential neighborhood. A beautiful flower garden gives way to couches and a firepit on the front patio where a small circular sign reads, “Shhhh!! While using our patio please be considerate of our neighbors.” You can tell they mean business because of the extra exclamation point. Make no mistake, this is as far from a tourist trap as one gets in Provincetown.

Victor’s deconstructed ahi Napoleon.

A meal at Victor’s feels like you’ve been invited out to your most swanky friend’s beach house for a private dinner party. All of the small plates on the menu are designed for sharing so don’t hold back. Two dishes per person seems to be the rule of thumb.

Start with the tuna tartare, served on a house made tortilla chip topped with fresh local tuna, avocado relish, and a rich tamari sauce that makes for an alluring umami bite. Order some bacon wrapped dates for the table. These are fresh dates, not the wrinkly Medjools that you’ll find in the mirin-braised short ribs.

Lobster sliders served between shining knots of brioche alongside hand cut french fries.

Fresh dates are in season for just two short summer months and their honeysuckle sweetness will send you into a frenzy when coupled with the buttery crunch of hazelnuts and the jolt of roasted garlic.

Graduate to the sake steamed mussels and an order of handmade pork dumplings served with a savory peanut sauce. The deconstructed ahi Napoleon is fun to excavate for bits of cajun-seared tuna, crispy wontons, avocado, and delicate micro-greens. There are lobster sliders to please the crowd, served between shining knots of brioche alongside hand cut french fries.

It’s worth pausing by the lucent fire pit with your companions on the way out to tick off all of the dishes you’ve tried and compare your favorites. Just remember not to tick off the neighbors; after all, we’d like a return invitation to the most cherished dinner party in Provincetown.

Victor’s offers cathedral ceilings, precious artwork, and a stunning hearth.
Victor’s outdoor fire pit.