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#SundayFunday – More Than Flatbreads at Rail Trail

Rail Trail Hudson

The Rail Trail Flatbread Co., the founder of the new Hudson, has been known for their neighborhood changing flatbreads and undisputable rustic charm. With flatbreads like the loaded baked potato – a bechamel based flatbread topped with slow cooked potatoes, caramelized onions, cheese blend, crema, scallions, crispy potato skins and prosciutto (an add-on option) – and banh mi – a garlic based flatbread topped with braised tofu, jalapeno, cheese blend, sriracha aioli, hoisin bbq, pickled daikon and carrot, diced cucumber, cilantro and braised pork belly or pulled pork (add-on option, of course), it is hard to visit the Rail Trail for anything other than their flatbreads.

While the ambiance and hipster-decor offer patrons a different atmosphere than most are used to in Hudson, the beauty of the Rail Trail is truly displayed in their eclectic dishes. When Mass Foodies is on the prowl for the next #SundayFunday destination, a place must offer a little more than just good flatbreads and thankfully, the Rail Trail exceeds our expectations with their well-rounded menu. Serving everything from their classic beer braised wings to their sriracha chicken poutine – fries smothered in sriracha aioli, fried chicken, blue cheese curds, and scallions – the Rail Trail has a certain appeal to them that can satisfy the masses and they don’t disappoint. Their summer sensation, the fire roasted mussels, is one of the reasons we’ve given the Rail Trail our official #SundayFunday seal of approval.

Listed on the ‘smalls + shares’ segment on the expansive menu, the fire roasted mussels make a trip to Hudson feel like a trip to the seaport in Boston. Roasted in white wine, butter, lemon, parsley pesto, cilantro and topped off with sourdough grilled bread, the mussels speak of summer days off the coast and pairing the mussels with a cocktail or beer is easy, as the Rail Trail offers over 20 beers on tap and a curated list of signature cocktails. Pressing their own juices and creating their own syrups, each drink takes on a new meaning to the term “hand-crafted,” and gives #SundayFunday lovers a new reason to make the Rail Trail a part of the Sunday tradition.