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The Liège Waffle Obsession Reaches Park Ave with Blue Shades

Waffle selections at Blue Shades on Park Avenue in Worcester, MA.

If you want American waffles smothered in maple syrup, head to IHOP. But, if you want the kind of waffles that melt in your mouth with an airy sweetness which negates the need for maple, then visit Blue Shades to get a taste of authentic Liège waffles.

Blue Shades on Park Ave in Worcester, MAAn enormous inflatable waffle swings outside the Park Avenue entrance marking the First Liège Waffle Shop in Worcester, and we have to admit, we are all pretty excited.

Legend says the Prince of Liège’s chef made a thick waffle coated with caramelized sugar, a variety which went on to become one of the most celebrated waffles in all of Belgium. Then, in 1964, Belgian native, Maurice Vermersch, introduced Liège waffles to America at the World’s Fair in New York City; however, it took a few decades for the love affair between American food culture and Liège waffles to manifest. In fact, the Liège waffle craze has just begun to take off in Massachusetts.

Blue Shades on Park Avenue in Worcester, MA
Blue Shades on Park Avenue in Worcester, MA

In New York, the food truck adaptation of the Liège waffle with Wafles & Dinges in Herald Square catapulted a special admiration for these sweet treats and became an epicenter for the Best Foods to Eat While on the Go.  While it has taken Worcester an additional number of years to catch up with this niche dish, the wait is finally over.

From authentic Liège waffle recipes comprised of a plain waffle and topped with powdered sugar to original creations like the California – a Liège waffle topped with avocado, cucumber and drizzled with a house-made “yummy sauce,” Blue Shades offers Worcester an Instagram-worthy, cult-like destination. Made-to-order, with a daily limit of 100 waffles, the Liège waffle of Blue Shades is quickly becoming a foodie attraction. The aroma that lingers in the air wafting out into Park Avenue will surely lure in passersby; locals will find it impossible to ignore this newcomer.   

In addition to becoming the first place in Worcester to focus on a specific niche dish expressed as a meal and not simply a dessert, Blue Shades is subsequently “food conscious” in offering a gluten-free Liège waffle. This attention to hospitality brings all foodies together despite food allergies and preferences. The gluten-free Liège waffle is as good as the original waffle, and for good reason. With ingredients imported from Belgium, including its requisite pearl sugar, Blue Shades adds a fresh sense of authenticity to each waffle and respectively, to the entirety of Worcester’s food scene.