We’ve established in our first installment of #FamilyEats that parents are more than deserving of a night spent dining out with family, friends, and oh…the little ones. Way back when, parents delivered their babies and waved goodbye to their regularly scheduled wine dinners, chef tastings, and the entire restaurant industry as they vowed not to visit another restaurant until the little ones were old enough to understand that running is only an activity reserved for the park.

And while that may have worked in the past, we encourage our readers to break away from this cycle and regain their freedom. It is time to revolutionize how we dine and with whom we dine. Let this column inspire you to bring your children with you the next time you want to taste something savory or sweet that didn’t originate from Whole Foods.

A new day has dawned and it is in our best interest to celebrate this intergenerational dining experience.

Now, we want to be clear. Dining with the family does not necessarily translate to “let’s find a place where they serve mac and cheese” but instead it means digging into the restaurant scene to capture locations that provide an ageless experience that will satisfy the palettes of both children and adults. There is no other place that provides that heart-warming experience like Fancy That.

Hidden in the typical New England-esque town of Walpole, Fancy That has morphed the typical family lunch date into an extravagant and unique experience immersing the family into a bygone era of elegance and refined beauty. As an English inspired Tea Room for adults and young people twelve years of age and up (okay, don’t get rid of the babysitter just yet) Fancy That offers a specific insight into the delicacies of Afternoon Tea.

Stemming from a “desire to touch people’s lives with beauty and grace” through an era filled with forgotten traditions and unsaturated tastes, Sarah, owner of Fancy That, reflects her personal need to create a “warm and inviting place to enjoy the civility of Afternoon Tea” into every crevice of Fancy That. Offering traditional Afternoon Tea by reservation, Wednesday through Sundays and Monday holidays, the monthly menu at Fancy That changes to maintain a fresh appeal for its recurring tea lovers and new enthusiasts. Pairing a range of tradition teas with a heart-shaped scone with English clotted cream – a traditional spread in England for scones – and strawberry jam, a slice of tea bread, four rectangular tea sandwiches, three miniature sweets and a pot of tea made with spring water – choose from over forty selections of tea – the variation is potentially unlimited. The June menu will celebrate Brad’s birthday month. Brad, commonly known as “the husband of the owner,” entices Afternoon Tea with a nostalgic play on childhood sweets. Serving a birthday scone – a scone sprinkled with confetti-like sweets – a Reuben style sandwich, a S’mores shooter for dessert along with a fudge chocolate cupcake, Brad transforms the menu to heighten the small culinary possibilities of Afternoon Tea.

From the adorned walls lined with pink floral wallpaper and hanging crystal chandeliers to the linen tables topped with fine, antique china and fresh flowers, Fancy That provides a rare look into the past and offers the intergenerational brunch experience that can pivot the family dynamic. #FamilyEats is not a guide to find your nearest family-friendly restaurant that serves crayons with the kid’s menu but instead it is about the journey and importance of the family dining experience and making #familynightout a significant day of the week.