BBQ Bacon Burger from The Fix on Shrewsbury Street in Worcester, MA

The Fix, located on Shrewsbury Street, is the latest establishment from the Niche Hospitality group. This is a good old fashioned burger joint with real soda fountain. They make their own soda syrups giving their soft drinks a flavor all their own. They use these house made sodas as mixers for their cocktails with fantastic results. They also make true milkshakes, that you can spike for a decadent dessert cocktail, that are not like the ice creamy, super thick frappe, but true milkshakes and they’re also quite fantastic.

They offer a nice selection preset burgers, along with a classic burger than you can add on to as you wish. They also offer 2 different meat patties. The standard patty and for a $1 up charge, they offer an all grass fed patty. Both patties are blends of different cuts of beef for a really great flavor.

For dinner I chose the preset BBQ Bacon Burger with a grass fed patty. This burger has smoked bacon, grilled onions, BBQ baked beans, smoked gouda and a whiskey BBQ sauce, all stacked on a brioche roll. The crunch of the bacon was a great counterpoint to the softer texture of everything else and the smoky flavor of the bacon was just enough to peek through the BBQ sauce and give this burger a great layering of flavors. The brioche roll held up just fine with all the BBQs and burger juice, without getting too soggy or losing flavor. All in all, this was a really fantastic burger with a great combination of subtle and bold flavors. As a side I had the house made potato chips. These chips were crunch and dark and just packed with flavor as well. They offered a very nice counterpoint to the burger and together, this was an excellent dinner. The size of the burger and chips was plenty for a dinner without being oversized.

Overall, the best burger in the area and I will certainly be making this a regular stop.