Bubbles & Rosé Tasting Vendor Registration

We’re thrilled to invite you as a vendor for the Worcester Wine Festival’s “Bubbles & Rosé Tasting”. This inaugural tasting event will take place at Polar Park’s Shaw’s Deck overlooking the outfield on Saturday, June 11th. The event will be limited to 100 VIPs who will be given access to the tasting from 2-3p, then will be ushered onto the field for a sit down “Oyster and Champagne” pairing. General admission of 200 attendees will be welcomed from 3p until last call at 4:45pm.

Each vendor is allowed up to 5 wines per table. We are only allowing sparkling wine and rosé and must be at or above a $9.99 front line price. Wines will be curated by Patrick Suleski, Lock 50’s sommelier and stocked by Austin Liquors Goldstar Boulevard.

A few details about what to expect for the festival:

  1. Like past events at Polar Park, set-up will begin 3-hours prior to opening and table inspections will be conducted 30-mins prior. Un/loading of product will be done at the players entrance and parking will be determined at a later time.
  2. We provide a spittoon and ice, you are responsible for bringing:
    • Ice bucket for your table
    • Ice bucket for back-stock
    • Water Pitcher, if desired (but highly encouraged)
    • Wine Key
    • Business Cards
  3. You will NOT be able to ship any products to the venue. You will have to bring your supplies in on the day of the event during the hours specified above.
Bubbles & Rosé Tasting 2022 Registration

Bubbles & Rosé Tasting 2022 Registration

This is how your table will be listed in the guides.
Sorry, due to the new location we are unable to invite food vendors for 2021.

Primary Contact Responsible For Event

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Organization Details

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On-Site Attendant

Please list the name and email of the pourer. If you do not know who will be attending the table, you may leave this blank, but be certain to register the attendant before the event.

Wines for Tasting

Please enter "NV" for wines without a specific vintage.
Please note the front line cost requirement above.

Payment Details

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APPLICATION DEADLINE is 60 days prior to event. COMPLETED APPLICATION must be received along with a list of items to be sampled. A verification email will be sent to the email provided on the application, at this time FULL PAYMENT will be due to guarantee your exhibitor space. Telephone or printed reservations are not accepted.

Space assignment will be given at check in. All space assignments after that are based on a first paid, first reserved basis. Worcester Food And Wine Festival LLC reserves the right to reassign your reserved exhibit space if you do not set up within designated set-up times.

Concessions and Special requests should be made in writing no later than 30 days prior to event. Written approval/disapproval will follow thereafter.

Only CONCESIONS/SPECIAL REQUESTS given written approval will be honored at check in. Tasters/Brand Models will not be allowed without prior written consent.

A preliminary list of items being presented with pricing must be submitted with the application—there is a minimum of 4 wines and maximum of 5 wines to be poured per table. 

Sampled items must be available to retail partner for 30 days after the festival, pricing must be honored. Final sample list will be complied 15 days prior to festival, changes will not be allowed after this date.

It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to ensure samples are submitted and approved. Only items available for sale in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts with are allowed as exhibits. Sample items and their quantity will be reconciled as part of CHECK IN. Failure to submit samples prior to deadline will result in forfeiture of assigned space. Exhibitors are expected to supply samples commensurate with the guests and hours of Grand Tasting.

All federal, state, and local laws governing retail sales tax and sales permits must be followed. Exhibitors and vendors MUST provide Worcester Food And Wine Festival LLC their sales and tax numbers. All information will be maintained with the strictest of confidentiality.

All fees are non-refundable.
NO REFUNDS are given unless the festival is cancelled or date is changed.

Credit Card only through this online registration form.

Due to public safety concerns, there will be no placing of any structures, signs, or products on the sidewalk area whatsoever. Items may not be chained to parking meters, signs or utility poles.

My application is a commitment to show with all the created work being exhibited for sale, and I personally will be present at all times during each day of Worcester Food & Wine Festival. I have read all of Worcester Food & Wine Festival application information and agree to abide by all the rules. I hereby release Worcester Food & Wine Festival, Worcester Wine Festival LLC the City of Worcester, festival organizers, volunteers, sponsors, property owners, and tenants from all claims, demands, actions, debts, liabilities, and causes of action of every nature which the undersigned might have against the above by reason of any damages, loss, theft, or injury to person or property, or both, resulting from the entry by the signer on Worcester Food & Wine Festival grounds. Worcester Food & Wine Festival reserves the right to use artist's images to advertise and promote City of Worcester Food & Wine Festival. I understand that my slides/photos will not be returned. Applicant agrees to observe and comply with all applicable laws, statutes, ordinances, rules and regulations. Applicant assumes all costs and liability arising from the use of patented, trademarked, copyrighted or service marked materials, equipment, processes or creative rights. Applicant shall not assign or attempt to sell this agreement or any rights hereunder without the prior written consent of Worcester Food And Wine Festival LLC Worcester Food And Wine Festival LLC reserves the right to terminate the license granted by this agreement for good cause and, in said event, Applicant agrees to waive and forego all claims for damages and recourse of any kind. Applicant agrees to assume all risks arising out of or relating to it’s attendance or participation at said event and to protect, defend, indemnify and hold harmless Worcester Food And Wine Festival LLC, the City of Worcester, Worcester Food And Wine Festival and each of their agents, servants, contractors, partners, and employees from any and all liability, loss, damage or expense it may cause or sustain from any cause whatsoever, including fire, theft, personal injury or property loss. I further acknowledge that I am aware that I cannot sell, give or offer for sale any pictures or accounting of this event for publication without the written permission of Worcester Food And Wine Festival LLC

Exhibitors may check-in up to three hours before the start time of the event. Last call is scheduled for 15-minutes prior to the close of the event. At that time, open and empty bottles must be placed under your table and your space cleaned by the end time.