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The Burger Grove

We know Grove Street for its parks, lakes, and playing fields, but we love Grove Street for its burgers. In the short stretch behind Institute Park, Grove Street guarantees a burger for every occasion. “Burgers are the best medicine.” The Fix Worcester’s own ‘burger bar,’ The Fix, allows customers to take their pick of over…

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Revisiting The Fix For Their Phenomenal Burger

Hello everyone! It’s good to be back. The end and beginning of the year can be crazy and this year was no different. By the time I blinked we were already into February; the groundhog saw his shadow and we were well on our way to 6 more weeks of terrible, snowy winter. So here…

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Oak Barrel Tavern serves up simple comfort food in newly-renovated space

This month, the foodies escaped the cold with heaping servings of comfort food at the Oak Barrel Tavern, which just opened earlier this year. The most striking thing about the restaurant for many diners was the transformation the space had undergone. Before opening this June, the new owners completely gutted the former Tweed’s space. Beautiful…

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Vino and The Left Coast Burger at Oak Barrel Tavern

Oak Barrel Tavern, located at 229 Grove Street, is a contemporary style tavern with a menu full of comfort foods and an extensive drink list. I live in on the east side of Worcester which is filled with restaurants so naturally being the lazy person I am, I never venture out to this part of…

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Country Fried Steak at the Oak Barrel Tavern

As I walked in the door I was stunned to see the detail and effort that was given to renovate the space that had formerly hosted Tweed’s for many years; the bar area and restaurant had a nice look and feel to them. We stopped in at the bar for a quick drink and were…

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When All Else Fails… Mac and Cheese!

Immediately upon walking into Oak Barrel Tavern, I was in complete shock. When we walked in all I could say was “Wow!” The interior was gorgeous! I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect, many restaurant renovations tend to fall flat with the renovation part and often don’t change much at all, but in the case…

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Fish & Chips at Oak Barrel Tavern Gets High Grades

Having been to Oak Barrel Tavern a few times before, I was excited to have our Foodies Group try this new upscale pub where Tweeds had resided for so many years. Make no mistake about it, Oak Barrel is completely new, completely renovated and no where do you see the remnants of Tweeds at all….

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Mac and Cheese at the Oak Barrel Tavern

When I walked in I was surprised at how great the place looked. What a wonderful overhaul to the old Tweed’s space. Nice bar space, great high tops off the bar, nice warm colors, great table sizes…And the hostess was very, very nice. The menu design looked updated and hip as well. I had high…