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Breakfast Pizza

An early morning on a Sunday is usually greeted with aspirin and a large cup of coffee. The coffee part held true as we met for brunch at Armsby Abbey on Main Street in Worcester. We were 15 minutes early and although we were initially the first ones there, it did not stay like that for very long….

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Bacon Hash

I first think of beer when I think of the Armsby Abbey.  In fact, I think of the finest beer selection in the city.  I next think of the food ordered to accompany my beer, food made with the finest and, when possible, local ingredients.  After my recent Foodies brunch, however, I shall also associate…

Food Reviews Worcester presented by Discover Central Massachusetts


Being that it was brunch, a Bloody Mary sounded perfect and being that we were at Armsby Abbey I knew I would have many quality choices. I decided on a Bloody Mary with jalepano, lime and olives in a sea salt and pepper rimmed glass. As soon as our drinks were delivered to the table, I…

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Bloody Mary

A classic way to ease your way into the day is with a Bloody Mary. For some people, a traditional Bloody Mary is just fine, but the Bloody Mary menu available for weekend brunch at Armsby Abbey offers some amazing, creative twists that you must try. Starting with the base, Armsby Abbey, offers a range…