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The Civic and B.T.’s Team Up for an Evening of Award Winning BBQ

No restrictions; Introducing a new dinner series, Chef's Best: The Nemeroff Experience. Kicking it off at Old Sturbridge Village with Chef William Nemeroff. Limited number of tickets still available.

Chef Rick Araujo of Civic Kitchen & Drink knew who to tap for an evening dedicated to “award winning barbeque.”

B.T.’s Smokehouse has cultivated a rich barbeque culture in New England for over a decade. Fueled by quality natural meats, a coveted dry rub, and a whole lot of patience, B.T.’s Smokehouse slow smokes its bounty over local apple and hickory – sometimes for days on end. This illustrious eatery may have found its start in a roadside trailer, but today, B.T.’s Smokehouse in Sturbridge is consistently recognized among the top barbeque joints in New England.

Chef William Nemeroff is the Director of Operations at B.T.’s Smokehouse. Nemeroff is an “award winner” himself having secured the title of Champion at Worcester Best Chef’s Iron Chef Competition in both 2016 and 2017. On Wednesday, March 21st, he teams up with Araujo to bring his barbeque prowess to Westborough.

“We are all about local product and the community, so we love taking this opportunity to showcase our local heroes in the culinary landscape,” shares Araujo. “Bill is respected throughout the region for his fantastic BBQ dishes, and we can’t wait to welcome him to our kitchen on March 21. We’re going to be cooking up some amazing BBQ – I can’t wait to learn some of his secrets!”

The evening will kick off at 6 p.m. with B.T.’s 3 year aged prosciutto as well as sausages and accoutrements by The Civic. Wormtown pairings will accompany each of the five courses. Other featured dishes are set to include a smoked Faroe Island salad, double smoked pork jowl with Four Star Farms cheddar grits, and a 26 hour smoked beef brisket. Save room for dessert; Araujo and Nemeroff are sending guests off with a pudding of bourbon roasted banana puree and smoked nuts.

This is the first in a series of guest collaboration dinners at The Civic. It promises to be no ordinary dinner party. Limited tickets remain on The Civic’s website for $59 per person.

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#SundayFunday – Don’t Stay Cooped up this Weekend

The Coop in Millbury, MA

We all salivate at the mere thought of barbeque. There is something about a brisket sandwich smothered in a flavorful, smoked barbeque sauce that makes us reminiscent of summer days and while we can all indulge in a little more barbeque from time to time, it is often hard to find a great place in New England. Yes, we have B.T.’s Smokehouse, but they can’t be the only ones holding down the fort for the entire barbeque industry in Central Massachusetts.

Enter Millbury’s The Coop – where the name lives up to their obsession with chickens and barbeque. With over 17 barbeque sauces and 6 dry rubs, the Coop offers no shortage of distinct tastes. Barbeque varies by region, with four main styles: Memphis, Tenn.; North Carolina; Kansas City; and Texas. Each variation is unique to its place of origin, but something must be said for the classic flavors with a twist provided by the Coop. Located in downtown, Millbury, the Coop is quickly becoming a favorite for local barbeque enthusiasts.

Yes, their menu offers classic barbeque platters like 2lbs of Coop house spice rub chicken wings with a side of fries, but they also offer platters unique to their location. The Sunday Brunch sandwich – a pulled pork sandwich stuffed with waffle fries, bacon, fried eggs, and buttermilk ranch barbeque – and the BBQ Brisket Ruben – a classic Ruben sandwich topped with slaw, Swiss, fried pickles and boom boom sauce (obviously, a house special) – are only but a few unique dishes at The Coop. But if these dishes are not #SundayFunday enough for you, then opt-in for the St. Louis Style Ribs – served with cornbread (a must have) – and end your meal with brown sugar vanilla bread pudding. Between the caramel sauce and whipped cream from the bread pudding and the famous Coop Juice – their twist on a classic Sangria – you’ll leave fully satisfied and wish you had more time to enjoy your #SundayFunday adventure to Millbury.