Photo Vibing—Joseph Gonzalez-Dufresne

Pop It is on site at the Ivy Corset Building with photographer Joe Gonzalez-Dufresne. Joe captures couples with a signature storytelling style noted for its sense of natural movement and energy. He has braved snowstorms, bug swarms, and everything in between. Joe always makes time to wander at weddings; the results are simply stunning.

Our old friend Unity Mike Hendrickson stopped by to snap some photos and our new friend John Tonelli joined us to elevate sound production for this week’s episode.

Undefeated — Senator Harriette L. Chandler

We’re on site at City Hall with the 94th President of the Massachusetts Senate, Harriette L. Chandler, in the room where she got her political start as a member of the Worcester School Committee

Molly O’Connor, Senator Chandler, and Sarah Connell at City Hall

in 1991. Chandler went on to become the second woman in Massachusetts history to serve as Majority Leader and also as Senate President. At age 81, she has never lost an election.

We discuss the ROE Act as well as her transition from SP, which she says was not at all like Joan Vennochi described it in the Boston Globe last year when she wrote, “Men might have settled this with a heart-to-heart stroll around the Hooker statue. Instead, Chandler and Spilka are fighting over the timing of a baton pass like bargain-hunters battling over a markdown at Filene’s Basement.” Yuck. We also talk Oscars. Photos by Unity Mike.


Everything is Coming Up Joslyn Fox — Patrick Joslyn…

We’re on site at Bull Mansion with Joslyn Fox aka Patrick Joslyn from season 6 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, and Joshua Croke of Action! by Design and Love Your Labels—organizations dedicated to making us feel unique and united in our own skin. Josh and Patrick are integral participants in the Queer AF: Art & Fashion Show set to take place on March 1st under the watchful eye of Project Runway designer Sam Donovan. Patrick discusses The Sole Proprietor’s warm embrace of his time on reality TV as well as his brushes with Neil Patrick Harris, Khloe Kardashian, Eve, and Jaime Pressly.

The Queer AF: Art and Fashion Show will take place on March 1, 2019 at Bull Mansion.

Don’t Worry Be Hoppy — Katrina Shabo

(Forgive us, we’re still dialing in our brewery acoustics.) This week, we recorded at Wormtown Brewery with Director of Marketing Katrina Shabo. On February 25th, Chefs Brian Treitman and Bill Nemeroff of B.T.’s Smokehouse are teaming up for an intimate dining experience at Wormtown Brewery. Before opening one of New England’s most highly acclaimed barbecue spots in Sturbridge, Treitman worked closely with industry titans Jamie Bissonnette and Ken Oringer in Boston. You can hear more from Nemeroff on episode 25 of Pop It.

We asked Katrina what she thought about the controversial article that blew up our beer news feeds this week, written by Brewing News publisher and co-founder Bill Metzger. Did you know, according to the Craft Brewers Association, 31.5% of craft beer drinkers in 2018 were women? We also discuss Per Se’s written appeal, Jennifer Aniston’s 50th birthday party, and Ryan Adams’ lethal Napoleon complex. (Height confirmed at 5’8″.) Tunes by Submarine Machine. Photos by Unity Mike.

Happy Galentine’s Day! – Linda Cavaioli

Linda Cavaioli is the Executive Director of the YWCA Central Mass.

This week, we join Executive Director Linda Cavaioli at YWCA Central Massachusetts, a safe place for women and girls in the community. The YWCA builds strong female leaders who fight for gender equality and civil rights. Linda loves social justice, sunlight, and The Beatles. We also celebrate the merits of Trash-terlist, a newsletter born out of Beacon Hill’s insatiable thirst for pop culture. Email to subscribe. It’s Galentine’s Day! Another round of waffles for the ladies.

Drinking Like Ladies — Kirsten Amann

Drinking Like Ladies — Kirsten Amann

Author of Drinking Like Ladies, Kirsten Amann, joins us for an interview during her book signing at simjang. Kirsten opted to donate her proceeds from the evening to Girls Inc., a local organization that equips girls to navigate gender, economic and social barriers and grow into healthy, educated and independent women. Heidi Paluk, Sr. Director of Advancement and External Relations gave us the rundown on Girls Inc. We also heard from Sarah Lee of simjang, Erin Jansky and Casey Clancey of the Young Professional Women’s Association, and Derek Grimm of the Bartenders Guild. We open with a chat about campus sexual assault as it pertains to The Bachelor and our local colleges. Photos by Unity Mike.

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Talin Avakian and Dana Harrison have amassed impressive instagram followings based on their personal lifestyle brands. (Photo by Unity Mike Hendrickson)

Lifestyle Influencers — @Eats2Know & @thehalffullmug

We’re on site at the AC Hotel Worcester with Talin Avakian of @thehalffullmug and Dana Harrison of @Eats2Know. Talin and Dana have amassed impressive Instagram followings based on their personal lifestyle brands. We ask about authenticity, setting limits, and food photography. We end the episode with a chat about Chris Brown, Oscar nominations, and Title IX. Photos by Unity Mike Hendrickson. In and out music by Submarine Machine.

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Redemption Rock Brewery's Dani Babineau & Greg Carlson

Redemption Rockstars — Dani Babineau & Greg Carlson

Pop It co-hosts​ Sarah Connell and Molly O’Connor are on site at Worcester’s brand new brewery, Redemption Rock Brewing Co. with CEO Dani Babineau and Head Brewer Greg Carlson. We’re talking B Corp.’s, beers, and economic development. Find out which of the Fyre Festival docs spoke to us and what Greg shares in common with the Olsen twins. Photos by Unity Mike [Hendrickson] and music by Submarine Machine.

Alina Eisenhauer & Rachael Lan are Pop It! guests with co-hosts Sarah Connell and Molly O'Connor.

Paleo & Pot Pastries — Alina Eisenhauer & Rachael…

We’re joined by Chefs Alina Eisenhauer and Rachael Lang to discuss fake followers, our relationships with food, and edibles. Alina has appeared on several Food Network shows including Chopped, Cupcake Wars, Beat Bobby Flay, Re-Wrapped, and Sweet Genius. Rachael began working for Alina at age 15; now she is the woman behind the popular baking blog That L’Oven Feeling. Listen to Alina delve into the ways in which her health problems impacted her former restaurant, Sweet. Plus, the duo hatches a plan to take on The Great Food Truck Race. Tunes by Submarine Machine. Photos by Unity Mike [Hendrickson].

EAT Local — Featuring Lynn Cheney, Billy Nemeroff &…

This week, we are joined by Lynn Cheney of Lettuce Be Local, Rick Araujo of Civic Kitchen & Drink, and William “Billy” Nemeroff of B.T.’s Smokehouse to talk about our local food systems and the value of working together. Cheney, Araujo and Nemeroff are teaming up to source 100% local ingredients for a collaborative beer dinner with Medusa Brewing Co. on Monday, January 7th. We talk about B.T.’s cultish bbq following, Araujo’s culinary crash course in the Harry Potter-verse, and Lettuce Be Local’s mission to educate, aggregate, and transport.

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