Cortaditos and Cubanos: A Classic Morning Match at Cafe Reyes

Pair a cortadito with the Desayuno Cubano for a sweet start to your day at Café Reyes on Shrewsbury Street in Worcester. As a subset of the Hector Reyes House, Café Reyes offers on-site training for program residents and outstanding Cuban fare for Worcester’s breakfast and lunch crowds. A cortadito is a single shot of roasty…

Oyster Pairings at Sturbridge Seafood

Summer never ceases at Sturbridge Seafood, a fetching beach-bistro where oysters abound. Settle in at one of the butcher paper clad high-top tables to admire the open kitchen views and set to work making careful selections from the raw bar. Servers will be happy to provide articulate tasting notes and thoughtful suggestions upon your request….

Flatbread Meets Kent Falls

When in Hudson, Rail Trail Flatbread Company’s Chicken Parm Flatbread is perfectly paired with Kent Falls Bewilderment, Imperial Brett IPA.