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4 Great Places in Central Mass for Phở

Pho from Pho Dakao in Worcester, MA.

Although Phở soup has gained popularity as a hearty comfort food the past several years, Vietnam’s signature noodle soup has been around for more than 100 years. At the most basic level, phở is a noodle soup typically made with beef or chicken broth, herbs and spices. A staple in the Vietnamese diet, this hearty soup has strong influences from French and Chinese cuisines and can be made many different ways, with many different ingredients.

Phở is a very personal dining experience. You build your soup the way you want to enjoy it, starting with a beef or chicken broth, then adding protein like beef, chicken (Phở Gà), or tofu. Or omit the protein completely and add in more vegetables (like Phở Rau Cải). Most restaurants serve the soup with a selection of standard sides like sprouts, lime wedges, basil, scallions, cilantro and jalapeño slices. Add hoison, soy, nuoc mam (fish) or Siracha sauces to taste and you’ve created a bowl of soup with complex flavors that you will surely enjoy. Now here is a list of some great places to enjoy Phở… and other Vietnamese delights!

Tái Nạm Gân Sách: Pho with Rare Steak, Well-Done Flank, Tendon and Tripe.
Tái Nạm Gân Sách: Pho with Rare Steak, Well-Done Flank, Tendon and Tripe.

Pho Dakao

593 Park Ave, Worcester and 101 Concord Street, Framingham

One of Worcester’s best known options for Vietnamese food, Pho Dakao has been around a while. Pho dac biet is always a big hit with lots of beef and truly flavorful, rich and hearty broth. Crispy spring rolls a good choice to start your meal! Sister restaurant in Framingham too.

Taste of Vietnam

814 N Main St #3, Leominster
Outstanding family-run restaurant in North Worcester County with truly authentic Vietnamese food. Very unassuming location and décor but the Pho selection is outstanding. Don’t forget to try their Lemongrass Chicken wings as an appetizer. Went from BYOB to full bar recently.


425 Park Ave, Worcester

Don’t let the simple dining room, mix and match dishes or laid back atmosphere fool you. DaLat is authentic Vietnamese food, pack with exotic flavors and fresh ingredients. A little hint, if it is not on the menu, just ask, they will make it for you if you can! BYOB

Pho Sure

100 Boston Turnpike Road, Shrewsbury

Signature Pho broths are made from traditional recipes with the freshest ingredients. Clean, fresh upscale décor and awesome selection of Vietnamese cuisine make Pho Sure a great choice. Try the Pork Banh Mi too, goes well with a bowl of fresh hot Pho!