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Tatnuck Bar & Grille – A Few Surprises in this Neighborhood Pub

Worcester Foodies group at Tatnuck Grille in Worcester, MA

Jamie and Aaron are two of the newest members of our Foodies group, and on their recommendation, we ventured into the Tatnuck Bar & Grille to taste what they have called their “go to spot for a casual meal”.

Located in Tatnuck Plaza, in the heart of Tatnuck Square, the Tatnuck Grille advertises itself as….“A neighborhood bar and grille that offers the best in American Cuisine”. The tables, booths and large bar area make it feel very much like a neighborhood pub. It also seemed like many at the bar knew each other making it feel very comfortable. The menu is big, with lots of choices including a variety of appetizers, soups, pasta dishes, burgers, salads, seafood and more. The night we visited they had a number of dinner specials as well.

Once we all arrived we sat at a large table towards the front of the restaurant. As Stephanie recalled “…One of the nicest things, despite our large group, was the large square table they set for us that allowed everyone to converse freely.”

Our initial service was prompt, with our table being assigned a few different servers. Drink and app orders were taken as our group perused the large menu. With only a few items on the menu approaching $20, the choices were plenty for an affordable dinner. Our end of the table was intrigued by the “Build Your Own Pasta” option that allowed for six different types of sauces to mix with six different proteins.

Julie started her night with a shrimp cocktail which she said had “large, fresh shrimp, with a nice spicy cocktail sauce.” Since she didn’t finish them all, they were passed around to be gobbled up the others!

“I ordered the Pollo alla Marsala from a section of the menu curiously titled, “The Chicken Farm.” The dish featured a flavorful sauce made with real Marsala and carefully browned mushrooms,” commented Sarah who seemed pleased with her choice!

David was impressed and offered “Having never been to the Tatnuck Grille I was pleasantly surprised with the menu, friendly staff and food selections. I opted for a seafood combo that included stuffed shrimp, large scallops, and a nice-sized piece of haddock. All of the seafood was fresh and tasty and served with homemade butternut squash and a baked potato.”

“The Chicken Marsala was very flavorful and the chicken was cooked perfectly. The portion size was enough for two meals! Definitely worth the price,” said Amanda.

Both Aaron and Will commented on the superb homemade Sangria saying “…it was some of the best Sangria they had ever had.”

Lynn and Drew felt like their experience was good with “attentive service and good food at a reasonable price.”

Along with the positives came a few negatives that couldn’t be overlooked. Donna was “super disappointed in my meal. I ordered the special “bruschetta steak” which was a steak with tomatoes, mozzarella, basil and balsamic glaze. The best thing about this dish was the balsamic glaze because the steak was overcooked and that was the only flavor that came through.”

And Stephanie added “I was bit disappointed when they told me (15 minutes after ordering) that they “were out of haddock”. Because of certain dietary restrictions, I carefully plan my meal in advance. The way this was handled was a bit rude in my opinion, but once I was able to calm down and take a second look at the menu, I opted for the Baked Stuff Sole. It was excellent and perfect for something lighter. The fish was baked perfectly and the stuffing was filling and delicious. I opted for a side salad, which was beautiful! There were so many different colors and vegetables, it was more than your average side salad and the vegetables were fresh and crisp! Despite the original hiccup with my order, I was pleasantly surprised overall.”

So as with many places our group visits, there were good and not so good experiences.

Lynn summed it up well saying “Tatnuck is a great place to go when you get home after a long day and don’t feel like cooking.” I think most would agree, Tatnuck Grille is a good choice for casual, affordable, pub-style food in the Tatnuck neighborhood.